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Quote1.png I killed you once. Cut you out like a root. A tumor of antiquated ideals. Antiquated powers. Chaos. I burned it all down so I could build a new city. My city. My order. Think I won't kill you again to preserve it? Quote2.png
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Sean Mahoney is known to the public as Peacekeeper-01, the leader of the Magistrate's, private army of super-soldiers who police Gotham City in place of vigilantes.

Peacekeeper-01 was the angry, violent leader of the Magistrate in Gotham City. He led the organization's private law enforcement units, taking great pride in attacking vigilantes. In addition to sending forces against "masks" like Nightwing[1] and the Arkham Knights,[2] the Peacekeeper was personally responsible for the apparent death of Batman. While the hero survived the attack, Peacekeeper-01 and the Magistrate kept that a secret, and he took great pride in his perceived accomplishment.[3][2] Mahoney also learned that Batman was actually billionaire businessman Bruce Wayne, although also kept that a secret in order to preserve the mystery of his death.[3]

2 years later,[3] the Magistrate began rolling out a microdrone-based spying program across all of Gotham City. Batman returned to stop it, which these new drones quickly alerted the Peacekeeper to. As the Magistrate sent their forces after the vigilante's safehouses, Mahoney attacked him directly in Magistrate HQ, hoping to finish what he started. With Batman low on resources and still feeling his wounds from their first battle, Mahoney may have had the upper hand, but the hero was only fighting him long enough for planted explosives to detonate the building, seemingly killing them both.[4]

Both Peacekeeper and his rival survived this incident, however. He had the hero captured, and suppressed any knowledge that he'd survived his second "death".[5] Peacekeeper-01 remained in charge of Gotham during attacks by the Warmonger and the Next Joker, although did little to directly interfere.[6][7][8]





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