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Sean Smith is a student at Smallville High School, member of the Smallville Crows and Sarah Cortez's ex-boyfriend.

Sean Smith grew up in Smallville where he began attending the local high school. He became a football player for the Smallville Crows and met Sarah Cushing who became his girlfriend.

After the Kent Family moved back to Smallville, Jordan Kent became close to Sean's girlfriend, Sarah, who he kissed at a bonfire; Sean Smith suddenly assaulted Jordan, along with his friends, starting a fight which also involved Jordan's brother, Jonathan: after Sean gained the upper hand, Jordan's heat vision manifested, causing a large explosion that ended the fight.[1]

Days later, Sean and his friends began bullying Jordan[2] which led to Sarah break up with him. Jordan joined the Crows to get his revenge on Sean so, during the football practice, the half-Kryptonian boy used his super-strength to knock Sean down: eventually, Jordan apologized to him for kissing his ex-girlfriend and helped him get up.[3]