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Sebastian Ballesteros was an Argentine business tycoon who became the first male Cheetah. He was a suitor and agent of Circe.

Ballesteros usurped the title of Cheetah from Barbara Ann Minerva. After Ballesteros appealed to Urzkartaga that a male Cheetah would be superior, the plant god transferred the powers to the tycoon.

He was also responsible for the final phase of the larger plan to turn Vanessa Kapatelis against her former friend Wonder Woman. With technology and specs acquired from Henry Cobb Armbruster, he installed cybernetic implants in the young girl in a warehouse in Gateway City's Wharf district.

He was eventually killed by Barbara Minerva in retaliation for taking the powers of Urzkartaga. Though at first, with Tisiphone's help, she could not defeat the new Cheetah, she succeeded shortly after while he was in his human form.



  • The appearance of a male Cheetah brought about some skepticism from fans of the series. Many submitted to the point that the Post-Crisis Cheetah mythos specifically stated that the were-Cheetah was to be the goddess bride of the plant god Urzkartaga. As Sebastian was male, he would not be able to fill the role as bride. However, several native cultures allow for same gender marriages, so this could have played a plot in Sebastian's new role as Urzkartaga's 'bride'.



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