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Sebastian Blood is an alderman from Starling City who rises to prominence after an earthquake levels a sizable portion of the Glades.

He launches a crusade to clean up the Glades, attracting tremendous support from those who were displaced or lost a loved one in the quake. He blames the Queen family for the Glades' destruction, due to Moira's complicity in the plot to destroy the city, and is critical of the Arrow, as he had abandoned the city after the quake, and failed to stop the terrorist responsible for it. Though seemingly devoid of any loftier ambitions outside of restoring his old neighborhood to her former glory, many street taggers have expressed their enthusiasm for Blood running for Mayor. In an attempt to improve his family's image, Oliver reaches out to Blood during a "cash for guns" drive. When gang leader Xavier Reed crashes the proceedings, Blood tells him that not everyone is afraid of him. Reed attempts to have Blood gunned down for this defiance, but Oliver's timely intervention saves the alderman's life. Blood gains a new-found respect for Oliver, saying that the island was his Crucible. Oliver suggests Blood run for Mayor, but Blood declines, saying there is more than one way to save the city. Later, after Reed is captured, Blood appears to him in the guise of a masked cult leader. After injecting Reed with Mirakuru, a Venom-like substance, Blood reveals that he is building an army of strong men to "free" Starling City.

After learning of Slade's betrayal he gave the cure for the Mirakuru to Oliver to stop Slade. He was later killed by Isabel for helping Oliver. His dying words were "I loved this city".




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