Sebastian Faust, commonly referred to as simply Faust, is the son of Felix Faust. Like his father before him, he is also a powerful practitioner of magic. Lacking a soul due to his father bargaining it away to a demon, he struggles to distance himself from his evil legacy and to prove himself a hero.


As an infant, Sebastian was subjected to a deal by his father of Nebiros in which Felix can gain greater arcane power by selling the soul of his son. Though his soul was sold, Sebastian was instead given power and became a soul-mage as a result similarly to his father.[1]

Throughout his childhood, Felix tutored his son relentlessly while young Sebastian watched his father influence his mother, who contracted leukemia after birthing Fauna, into performing black magic in order to temporarily relieve her of the pain. Eventually, he would witness his mother's death in a car accident.[2] He ran away from home shortly after to escape his father's dark influence.


Sebastian joins a new iteration of the Outsiders and uses his sorcerous skills to assist them when Markovia becomes under threat of an invasion from vampires.[3]

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Day of Judgment

Asmodel (New Earth) took the power of the Spectre and brought hell to earth. Sebastian was part of the newly reformed sentinels of magic that put a stop to it. To do it he had to reignite the fires of hell by murdering the Enchantress in cold blood. By doing so he lost his newly regained soul.

Black Baptism

Stopped another plot by the forces of hell to take over the world.


  • Demonic Empowerment: Faust gained magical powers after his father, Felix Faust, sold his soul to Nebiros as an infant to gain natural powers of manipulating magic. However, the mystical power was instead given to him.[4]
    • Black Magic: Faust is also a capable user of black magic, a sort of magic known to come at a high cost with it's practitioners.[4] His power in performing it makes him one of the most dangerous mystic menaces on Earth and warranted Doctor Fate to deem him as a significant mystic force to be under magical surveillance.[5][6]
    • Soul Magic: Faust uses a form of sorcery known as soul magic; his spells are powered by the souls of others.
      • Clairvoyance: Faust can see the spirits of the dead that are usually invisible to others. In addition, by touching someone, Faust can let that person perceive the spirits as well.[9]
      • Ectokinesis: Faust was able to infuse Tempest with the spirits of ancient Atlantean sorcerers, amplifying Tempest's power and magical knowledge as a result.[9]
      • Aura Sense: Faust can sense and recognize the auras from others. Sometimes, when he does so, he sees people's silhouettes in a color that matches the state of their souls.[9]
      • Soul Tapping: By making physical contact with someone, Faust can "tap" someone's soul in order to temporary borrow someone's powers or abilities. The person Faust targets with this ability temporarily loses his or her powers and feels fairly weak when the power transaction first occurs. This ability appears to work on abilities that come from alternate power sources as well as ones that come internally from the source, given that he was able to steal Kyle Rayner's energy construct ability for a short while to save Zatanna.[1]
      • Mana Replenishing: While Faust's mana can naturally replenish, when Faust is low on mana, he can absorb small amounts from others to refuel himself quickly. However, in so doing, he tastes their souls.[1]
      • Emotion Projection: As a result to the process of losing his soul, which gave him his soul-magic abilities, Faust has the unintentional ability of inadvertently making some of those around him be filled with fear, hate, anger, or edginess. This effect does not seem to happen with everyone, but it has an effect on a considerable amount of people.[1]


  • Occultism: Faust is a adept spell-caster taught by his father, being capable of performing black magic and is a known expert to the Justice League on soul magic. His capability in being a soul-mage and skill in translating ancient texts surpasses his father.[9][8]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)
  • Espionage


  • Acrophobia: Sebastian is afraid of heights, and he gets airsick if he is too high off the ground.[10]

  • Sebastian Faust is British, although easily mistaken as American.[11]
  • At the time Sebastian was conceived, Felix Faust was inhabiting the body of Dekan Drache, and therefore one would expect Drache would be Sebastian's parent, genetically speaking. However, Sebastian did inherit one of Felix Faust's artifacts that follows "bloodlines", indicating either mystical inheritance doesn't depend on genetics, or Felix was able to overwrite Drache's genetic information with his own.[12]


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