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Quote1.png What would you do for your child? My father treated my birth like a bargaining chip with demons and creatures of the abyss. I channeled my trauma into value. I helped heroes against men like my father. What did it get me? When my child's life hung in the balance, who helped me? The Heroes? The Government? No one. Because my lover wasn't human. She was perfect and wonderful and pure. But she didn't fit into the small minds of this world. Quote2.png
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Sebastian Faust is the evil son of Felix Faust and a soul-mage who once used his sorcerous powers for good and served as the top arcane operative in the United States of America.

Born as the son of Felix Faust, his soul was sold by his father as a infant in a vain attempt to gain immortality. Instead, infant Faust gained the ability to utilize soul magic, becoming the world's first infant soul-mage. Using his powers for good, he served as both a hero on the Outsiders and A.R.G.U.S. as a director.[1]

Once an A.R.G.U.S. director for Project: Black Room, Sebastian eventually turned traitor when he fell in love and married a dryad who was pregnant with his unborn child. After she contracted a mystic disease from a mission for A.R.G.U.S., he put her to sleep in stasis until he could find a cure. Desperate and with no allies to call upon, he'd assume control of the terror group, Cerberus and raided the Black Room of it's mystic contents.[2] With Cerberus, Wither, and Tiamat at his side, he would try to wipe out magic using the Tabula Smargdina and Quellzorn in order to feed off of all magic. Eventually, he is defeated by Suicide Squad Black and is later taken in by the Justice League to be rehabilitated.[3]


  • Magic: Being of the Faust bloodline, Sebastian is a powerful wizard who commands magic.


  • Elements of his New Earth history is present with few differences; this version is naturally adept at magic, whereas his previous version was derived powers through the demonic bargain that gave him his soul magic powers. Additionally, his father attempted to sacrifice Sebastian for magical powers in the previous continuity, not immortality.[1]



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