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Blackspell was an enemy of Batman.

A member of New York's elite, Rothschild was arrested 15 years ago, and is rumored to be a magician. Recently, he was linked to a series of murders in Gotham City, which involved mob financiers being murdered in a fashion which suggested Gotham super-criminals. This case is in some way connected to the current Firefly. When Batman investigated the crimes he eventually learned of the crime group made up of several super villains as well as mob financiers. When the Riddler "lost his mind" and joined the heroes as a private eye his search brought him back to Blackspell. Riddler then proceeded to concoct an elaborate plan to use his associations with Blackspell to goad Blackspell into attacking and killing the old members of the group so Riddler could make away with the money. The plan worked and Blackspell began to attack the members; when Blackspell learned of Riddler's plan he didn't attack the Riddler and caused the Riddler to do some drastic things. In the end Blackspell did attack Riddler but Batman intervened and knocked over a boiled cauldron of a magic potion. Blackspell was turned into the withering tree monster that he had wanted Riddler to live his life as. But when touched by rain or water he reverted back to Blackspell and was arrested by the Batman.



  • Sebastian Blackspell's real last name may connect him to the actual Rothschild family.



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