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The Secret Seven are a secret organization of magic-users in the Flashpoint alternate timeline.


Its original members were Black Orchid, Klarion, Miss X, Shade, the Changing Man, Simon Magus, Stiletto and Trigon; they are said to have committed suicide, but it is possible that Shade killed the rest of them under the influence of his Madness Vest and doesn't remember. Cyborg asked Shade to rebuild the team, as part of his efforts in the resistance against Aquaman and Wonder Woman.[1] This new team would include Abra Kadabra, Amethyst, Enchantress, Mindwarp, Raven and Zatanna.[2] Cyborg invites Enchantress and Shade to his resistance summit in Gotham City, and the seven vote to join them.[3]

Shade is kidnapped by his own people who bring him back to the planet Meta for questioning, then try to kill him. They believe that he is going mad, and that he might have murdered the original Secret Seven then forgotten. Enchantress hunts him down and uses a summoning spell to bring him back, so he can help her exorcise the evil inside her.[1] Amethyst is called by Shade, although the M-Vest almost tears her apart in doing so. Shade begins to fall in love with Enchantress, who his teammates do not trust. Abra Kadabra reveals the names of the Secret Seven during a press conference because he believes Shade is a lunatic who must be stopped. Amethyst is then found dead, and Shade can't remember whether or not he killed her.[2] Mindwarp, Raven and Zatanna confront Shade but Enchantress is revealed to be the evil one responsible for murdering Amethyst. They attempt to destroy her, but she murders all of them and leaves Shade alive to revel in his insanity. It is explained that she had been working all along with Penthesilea to undermine them, and she had been tampering with the M-Vest to make them distrust each other. Her reward is a promise that the Amazons will use their technology to bring her peace in her internal struggle. Shade is trapped in the Area of Madness, drifting alone and talking to his vest.[4]

Enchantress goes on to team up with the rest of the resistance led by Batman, where she turns traitor and murders Billy Batson.[5] The alien Kal-El stops her from killing again by landing on her at super-speed.[6]


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