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The Secret Six was a team of six villains brought together by a new Mockingbird to work against the Secret Society.


When Earth-Three's Alexander Luthor, in the guise of New Earth's Lex Luthor, created the current Secret Society in order to cultivate crime in advance of Infinite Crisis, the real Lex Luthor, then slightly insane due to heavy exposure to Kryptonite radiation, was outraged. Seeking to sabotage his impersonator, he adopted the persona of "Mockingbird" and began to gather a team of supervillains who he knew would resent the Society. His first recruit was Scandal Savage, daughter of the nearly-immortal Vandal Savage and a genius at organization. Then came Rag Doll, the borderline-psychotic, hyperjointed son of cult leader Peter Merkel, the original Ragdoll, followed by a nameless Parademon. Mercenaries Deadshot and Cheshire followed, and the group was rounded out by the Fiddler, an aging supervillain who feared being forced into retirement by the Society. On their first mission, the team battled with H.I.V.E.; Bowin proved incapable of hypnotizing the H.I.V.E. agents, and was subsequently killed.

Seeking a new sixth member, Scandal learned through her lover Knockout (who was spying on the Society) that the Society had suffered slight humiliation when the formerly washed-up villain Catman turned them down, having found contentment as a killer of poachers in Africa. Mockingbird sent Deadshot over to slaughter Catman's beloved lions while disguised as Society member Deathstroke. Believing the Society to be responsible, Catman joined the Six.

The Six managed to last the Society's persecution with only one third their number dying (Parademon) or turning traitor (Cheshire), the rest surviving in large part due to Knockout's aid and the intervention of Vandal Savage. Mockingbird was revealed to be none other than the true Lex Luthor who was using them against the impostor who was running the Society in his name, and he released the Six from his service.

Since then the team has gone on several missions as a mercenary outfit, and have gone through several members as recruits quit, died, are fired, or are pushed off buildings. Scandal, Deadshot, Catman, and Rag doll have remained a constant, with the Batman villain Bane and the banshee Jeannette joining for a case involving retrieving a 'get out of hell' free card created by Neron and sought after by much of the supervillain population, Bane even developing an unusual father figure relationship with Scandal.

With Bane as a member, Catman and Ragdoll joined him on a mission to stop criminals in Gotham City after Batman's death. They succeeding in stopping them, depite their brutal methods, but in the end they were banished from the city by Nightwing.[1]

Due to a bad incident involving Scandal using venom, Bane convinced the others to grant him leadership, then relieved Scandal from mission duty. Black Alice came to the team asking to join, and as the others noted she didn't even blink seeing them on a normal mission, was granted the sixth slot.

Most recently the team has divided into two, with Jeannette and Bane recruiting four temporary member to fill the mission roster, King Shark, Giganta, Dwarfstar, and Lady Vic. Before long they were recruited by Spy Smasher for a mission into the land of Skartaris.

Meanwhile Scandal took charge of the remaining members, Deadshot, Catman, Rag Doll, and Black Alice, and was in turn recruited by the enigmatic Mockingbird, a name now run by Amanda Waller, who sent her team into Skartaris as well. The two teams of members of the Six were set against each other as Waller's team was tasked to shut down Spy Smasher's plan.

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Weapons: Firearms, knives, lamentation blades.

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