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The Secret Six was a group of superheroes corrupted by The Batman Who Laughs using infected Batarangs.


In order to bring the Dark Multiverse into the Prime reality, the Batman Who Laughs created infected Batarangs coated with the same strain of Joker toxin that initially infected him in his universe; each Batarang represented a different energy strand required for the portal to the Dark Multiverse to be opened. Using these, The Batman Who Laughs secretly planned to turn six heroes and allies into dark versions of themselves: Shazam, Blue Beetle, Hawkman, Donna Troy, James Gordon and Superman. The first four were successfully infected via the contaminated Batarangs, going by the names King Shazam, Scarab, Sky Tyrant and Deathbringer. Gordon became infected via other means during a battle with the Grim Knight, and the infected Shazam was entrusted by The Batman Who Laughs to infect Superman when the opportunity presented itself.

Shortly after the pursuit of Batman and Superman inside the Fortress of Solitude, The Commissioner activated the Fortress' security alarms, to which Supergirl responded. She came to the aid of Batman as Sky Tyrant almost killed him and brought him to Superman. As Scarab launched the infected Batarang with Superman's emblem, Supergirl caught it before it struck the hero and Batman met the two as they stood before the whole group. Kara soon felt the infection take over as she began to puke green liquid and transformed into the darkest version of herself. The Secret Six had been assembled and used their powers to open a portal into the Dark Multiverse, as the Watchtower from Earth -22 collided with the multiversal tower that Scarab had created.





  • Infected Batarangs

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