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The second Secret Society of Super-Villains was formed from villains of both Earth-One and Earth-Two to fight those Earths' respective superhero teams, the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America.


The Ultra-Humanite, the arch-foe of Superman of Earth-Two, with the ability to transfer his genius brain into different bodies (then in the body of a mutated giant ape), recreated the Secret Society of Super-Villains. He recruits villains from both Earth-One and Earth-Two as members: the Cheetah, the Signalman, Plant-Master, and Killer Frost from Earth-One, and the Monocle, the Mist, the Psycho-Pirate, the Rag Doll, and Brainwave from Earth-Two.

His master plan was to remove ten particular super-heroes of the Justice League and Justice Society from the multi-verse, defeating them and hurling them into limbo, thus upsetting the cosmic balance and causing all super-heroes to be eradicated from one of the two parallel worlds.

The Mist renewed his battle against Black Canary (unaware that she is actually the daughter of the original Canary, whom he previously fought)[1]: the Monocle overcomes the Earth-Two Hawkman: and Cheetah takes her revenge on Wonder Woman.

The battles continued as the Psycho-Pirate takes on Hourman in a solo battle [2]; the Signalman attacked Batman; Rag Doll tackled the Earth-Two Flash; Plant-Master resumed his struggle against his original opponent, the Atom; Brainwave selected Johnny Thunder as his victim: Killer Frost defeats Firestorm; and Ultra-Humanite vanquishes the Earth-Two Superman.

The society succeeds in banishing the ten defeated heroes to limbo, as the Ultra-Humanite had planned, eliminates all super-heroes from one parallel Earth, Earth-Two. When the Earth-One villains (Killer Frost, Floronic Man, Cheetah, and Signal-man) learn that their allies had known all along that it would be Earth-Two whose heroes would disappear, they turn against their leader, only to be banished back to Earth-One.

Killer Frost takes charge of the Earth-One villains and, overcoming Green Lantern and Elongated Man, they use the JLA Transmatter to reach limbo and free the imprisoned heroes. In the midst of running rampant across the face of Earth-Two, now without heroes, the remaining Secret Society members are summoned to an emergency meeting... only to discover that the meeting has been called by the heroes they had sent into limbo. Each taking on his or her previous antagonist, the Justice League and Justice Society champions defeat the villains and hurled them into their own teleportation device, sending them to limbo along with the Earth-Two villains.

The Earth-Two contingent of the Society (along with new recruit Vulcan, Son of Fire, who had been trapped in Limbo since battling the JSA some years before) were eventually released from Limbo but transported back to 1941 by the combined powers of the Ultra-Humanite and his earlier self, and fought the All-Star Squadron and the time traveling members of Infinity Inc. They were defeated but eventually returned to their proper place and time.


These events occurred in the multiverse as it existed before the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It appears that this version of the Society still existed in the current timeline, but how their history has been changed has yet to be established.

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