"Secret War News" was a series of mostly nonfiction, current, war stories that ran in Military Comics from Military Comics #2 to #35.


War stories from current events were featured in Military Comics under a variety of banners, with Secret War News most prevalent. Typically a one-page "Atlantic Patrol" or "Pacific Patrol" story would accompany the main story, and a 1/3 page "Hero Stamp", with a mini-bio of a recently-decorated war hero, would appear also.


  • Writer/Artists on this feature changed twice in its 34-issue run, from Al McWilliams to Fred Guardineer, then to Bill Quackenbush.
  • A similar series of current-events-based war stories, called "Heroic Exploits of the War," also written and drawn by Al McWilliams, ran in Uncle Sam Quarterly #3, #4, and #5.
  • Stories almost always started with a variant of this blurb: "This is an actual story based upon inside facts gathered from U.S.N. Information Bureaus." This was not necessarily always completely true, and some exaggeration of enemy casualties may have from time to time inadvertently appeared, possibly.
  • The umbrella title "Atlantic Patrol" was in most cases a synonym for "U.S. Navy" but was also applied to the U.S. Merchant Marine,[1] the U.S. Coast Guard,[2] the U.S. Civil Air Patrol,[3] and the Canadian Navy[4]

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