"Midnight is Rapidly Approaching...": Cain and Abel both flee before the arrival of Eve because her stories are too scary even for them.

Secrets of Sinister House #6 is an issue of the series Secrets of Sinister House (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1972.

Appearing in "Midnight is Rapidly Approaching..."

Featured Characters:

  • Eve (First appearance) (Host)

Supporting Characters:


  • yard outside Sinister House

Synopsis for "Midnight is Rapidly Approaching..."

Cain and Abel both flee before the arrival of Eve because her stories are too scary even for them.

Appearing in "When is Tomorrow Yesterday?"




  • Thomas of Norwalk, 2480
  • Lady Constance, 2480
  • old sorceror, 2480
  • Dr. Jones, 1972
  • Sister Crane, 1972


  • The Duke, 2480
    • Snirl, his surgeon, 2480
    • Captain of the Duke's Guards, 2480


Synopsis for "When is Tomorrow Yesterday?"

In the year 2480 the middle ages have seemingly returned to England, after World War III. A wizard casts a spell to send a wounded girl to a hospital in 1972 for treatment, although he is surprised to learn that this is his past and not the future as he had thought.

Appearing in "Brief Reunion!"



  • Johnny Magus (Dies)
  • Fred Garner (Dies)


  • a featureless cell

Synopsis for "Brief Reunion!"

Johnny Magus and Fred Garner get locked in the same cell by unseen authorities, and compare life stories, only to learn that they both are actually dead, and depart to their different fates.

Appearing in "The Man Hater"



  • John Glenville, big game hunter (Dies)
  • Valla Glenville (Dies)
  • Guru
  • Stephen Stryker, deep sea fisherman (Dies)
  • Peter Greystone, parachutist (Dies)


  • Rocky Mountain Cabin
  • Ashram in San Francisco
  • Japore, in India, 500 years ago


  • Chair of Infinity

Synopsis for "The Man Hater"

Valla Glenville murders her husband John by dropping an enormous rhinoceros head on him. Later she tosses her second husband into shark-infested waters. Six months later she sabotages her third husband's parachute. Valla believes herself to be a reincarnated princess from Japore. With the help of her guru, she "escapes" from the police by being reincarnated in medieval Japore, in old India, only to meet an ironic and horrible death there/then.


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