Section Eight was a team formed by alcoholic superhero Sixpack. At some point the group disbanded. However, when Tommy Monaghan is targeted by the forces of hell, Sixpack is compelled to reform Section Eight.


Hitman: Ace of Killers

During this arc the Mawzir planned an all out assault to capture Tommy Monaghan and take him to hell. He does so by taking over Gotham crime boss' organization and sending them after Tommy, eventually pinning him and his friends in St. Joe's Church. Sixpack is aware that Tommy is in trouble and reorganizes Section Eight to help Tommy.[1] After he rounds up all the members, they attack the Mawzir's henchmen. They are all initially caught off guard. Section Eight is surprisingly able to subdue many of the henchmen. However Mawzir throws a bomb at them, knocking them all out, while possibly killing some of his own men in the process.[2] Once Mawzir is killed, Tommy, his friends, and Section Eight escape the church through a secret passage before the police arrive. The members of Section Eight then walk off into the night.[3]

Hitman: Super Guy

Professor Haddock decides to experiment on his lab assistant named Harry. Haddock trapped an extradimenional demonic presence called The Many Angled Ones in him. Harry goes mad and runs amok in Gotham. Leading his colleague Dr. Jackson to hire Tommy to capture Harry. Sixpack calls a meeting of Section Eight at their base, which is a sewer in Gotham City. While talking about heroics Friendly Fire breaks down and calls their team a shame. He talks about the various flaws of the team and how they are not true heroes, but rather just delusional people. However Sixpack refuses to give up on his convictions.[4] Dr. Jackson arrives where harry is located, but is too late. When Tommy kills Harry the entity is released. Section Eight bravely attacks the creature. Flemgem, Jean, and Dogwelder are easily killed by the Angled Ones. Friendly Fire shoots off his own head by mistake, while also fatally injuring Defenestrator. Jackson suddenly drives off to the lab. Natt then tries to throw a grenade at the Many Angled Ones. However Shakes takes the grenade and runs toward a gas station blowing himself up, causing a huge explosion in the process. Tommy and Natt are knocked down. Some sort of force field appears around Sixpack protecting him. Peaking the interest of the Many Angled Ones. The Angled Ones strike a deal with Sixpack, offering to leave the Earth if he is willing to enter their world and fight them. If he fails they will take his soul, if he wins he is free to leave. Although the situation seems hopeless Sixpack willingly sacrifices himself. The Angled Ones disappear, taking Sixpack to their realm. Dr. Jackson destroys all the files on the experiment, feeling he is now safe from justice. However Bueno Excellente appears behind him, possibly raping him. Jackson is later found dead. Sixpack is presumed dead or missing. In reality he is alive and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings under his real name Sid Speck. Though Sid probably has no memory of his former self. In remembrance of Sixpack Tommy and his friends erect a statue of him in a Gotham park.[5]


  • After the events of the Super Guy story, only Bueno Excellente and Sixpack are alive. However with Sixpack presumed dead the team was effectively disbanded.


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