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Selaya was a rebel of the planet Aegri Somnia Three who opposed the rule of the despot Green Lantern Ayria.

Wanting revenge for the lives lost during Ayria's oppression, Selaya got close enough to the Green Lantern and became his consort. One night, she stole the Ayria's ring while he was sleeping and swallow it so they couldn't find it. Soon, Ayria noticed his mssing ring, and he tortured Selaya to tell him where it was hidden. Selaya falsely accused a general of Ayria's army, who in turn accused other comrades, eventually killing them all. Selaya was sent to concentration camps. along with all her yellow-skinned race. She died there alongside her husband, Illiya.

Months passed, and Ayria still couldn't find the ring. One day, Ayria tours alongside the pile of corpses in the concentration camps, taking his power battery to find his ring. Sensing the battery nearby, the power ring inside Selaya's corpse causes her to rise from the dead, alongside a horde of zombies she woke up using Ayria's former power. The undead swarm Ayria, killing him and his armies, ending his despotic empire. After getting her revenge, Selaya reunited with the revived Illiya, and both of them lied to rest once again, this time in peace.[1]