Quote1 I am no mere sorceress, Cat Grant, but the heir to Ataxia. To chaos itself. Quote2
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Selena is a powerful sorceress, formerly known as the "Heir to Ataxia". She was held prisoner in the "Subterranean Home of Necromancy and Puritania" in Limbo Town, but she managed to break out despite her cell being spell sterile.

After blowing up her prison, she came face-to-face with Emerald Empress and her allies, who convinced her to join the Fatal Five, a group of villains that planned to take revenge on Supergirl.[1]

Selena's magic was invaluable to the team's goals. She impersonated Catherine Grant and shot Supergirl with an energy blast which rendered her Kryptonian powers uncontrollable. She grew a clone of Solomon Grundy that would serve as the muscle of the team.[2] She also ripped the codes to CatCo reporting network from Cat Grant's mind, which would be used to slander the Girl of Steel.[3]

However, when she and Magog raided The Scabbard, they ran into Lar-On. Given that the werewolf was driving them back successfully, Selena decided that she wasn't interested in fighting a lost battle and teleported out, leaving Magog behind.[4]




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