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Catwoman (real name Selina Kyle) is a crafty vigilante waging a never-ending war on the corruption and crime in Gotham City, utilizing her genius intellect and fighting skills. Originally a secretary for the corrupt Max Shreck, she was seemingly killed by her employer. Mystical cats revived her and she executed her revenge on her former boss while falling in love with Batman.

Batman Returns

A Suggestion

It is Christmas time in Gotham City. Selina is serving coffee to the mayor and other politicians that are listening to Max Shreck proposal of building a new power plant, saying, "imagine Gotham City, shining like a blanket of stars, but the lights blinking on and off, sadly low on juice. Quite frankly, i cringe, Mr. Mayor". Despite all of Max's efforts, the mayor tells Max that he will have to go through the usual channels if he wants the power plant built. Selina then says, "i have a suggestion", which draws her boss' attention as if she was not supposed to say anything. Selina gets nervous and says, "well, it's actually more like a question". Max then says, "well, it appears we haven't properly housebroken Ms. Kyle yet. But on the plus column, she makes one hell of a cup of coffee". The mayor and politicians then laugh as Selina nervously smiles. Max's son Chip then walks in saying, "dad, Mr. Mayor, now is the time to go out and bring joy to the masses". Max, the mayor and the other politicians then leave with Chip. After they are gone Selina begins to clean up the coffee cups bashing herself for what she did, calling herself a stupid corn dog.

Oh, darn

As Selina is finishing things up she goes over the list of things she was supposed to do, "fold up the towels, pick up the laundry", she then realizes that Max forgot to bring his speech and says, "oh darn". She quickly rushes to and picks up the speech, to try and get it to Shreck.

Encounter with Batman

When Selina finally exits Shreck's Department Store, a mugger grabs her and threatens to use an electric stun gun on her. It is at this point that Batman, already on the scene, stops to deal with Selina's attacker by firing his grapple hook into the wall behind him and then yanking out a chunk of the building to club him behind his head. Selina looks at her rescuer gratefully and says, "you're the Batman or is it just Batman?. Your choice of course!". Batman looks at her briefly before he goes away, leaving her disappointed like all the men in her life. She then notices the electric stun gun her attacker had dropped and, using it on him to see its effect, puts it in her purse before she goes home.

Back to the office

Selina greets her cat Miss Kitty as she enters her apartment, feeding her a bowl of milk while listening to the messages on her answering machine. The last message is from Selina herself, reminding her to go back to the office and prepare herself for the meeting Max Shreck will have with Bruce Wayne. She hurries back and pulls out all the files on the power plant Shreck wants to build, discovering that it was actually a giant capacitor designed to store electricity rather than generate it. Max finds Selina in his office with the files and realizes she could be a potential threat to his plans. He backs her toward a window where he makes it look like he is going to kill her before relenting and then suddenly pushes her right through the window!

Catwoman is born

Bruce Wayne Burtonverse 005

Catwoman meets Batman

Selina screams as her body falls down, ripping through several awnings before it lands in the alley. Max looks down at her briefly and then turns away, thinking that she is dead. However, a swarm of cats all mysteriously gather around her to resuscitate her until her eyes snap open. She returns to her apartment like a mindless zombie at first, then suddenly becomes so enraged that she tears through everything that defined her life as the woman she was, turning a black slicker into a cat costume for herself and attaching sewing hooks to her fingers as her cat claws. With a rather sensual voice as she now wears the cat costume, Selina says, "i don't know about you, Miss Kitty, but i feel so much yummier".

Hear me roar

She makes her first appearance when a mugger grabs a woman off the street and tries to force himself upon her. Selina taunts the mugger to attack her, then instantly puts him down before scratching up his face with her claws. The woman she rescued appears grateful, but Selina looks at her disdainfully and grabs her face, saying she makes it so easy waiting for a Batman to save her. "i am Catwoman, hear me roar", she snarls before she backflips her way into the alley and disappears.

Back from the dead

As Bruce finally has his meeting with Max Shreck, telling him that Gotham City has an energy surplus and wondering what his angle is, Selina mysteriously appears back at work, sounding less like the mousy self she was and casting eyes on Bruce. This surprises Max, who saw her dead from falling down into the street from a window. He decides to deal with her later as he focuses his attention on giving the Penguin what he wants.

Cat wants to play

That night, as Batman deals with members of Penguin's Red Triangle Gang in Gotham, Selina as Catwoman pays Shreck's Department Store a visit, trashing things and using her whip to knock the pistols from the night watchmen's hands, then ripping a gas line while sticking some aerosol cans into an activated microwave oven. She appears doing her backflips unto Batman and Penguin, greeting the two outside Shreck's with a "meow" just before the store explodes and she disappears. Batman chases after Catwoman, who fights him upon the roof and feigns injury from a blow by saying, "How could you? I'm a woman", in order to knock him off the roof and leave him dangling with her whip, taunting him with, "life's a bitch, so am I!" Batman tosses an explosive vial that scars her shoulder, causing her to fall until they both safely land on a ledge. Catwoman tries to get a little frisky with Batman, but only for her to find a chink in his protective Batsuit and thrust her cat claws into his side. Batman reflexively knocks her off the ledge, where she lands in a passing sand truck. "Saved by the kitty litter," she muses before she looks at her shoulder and curses Batman.

Fur and Feathers

Catwoman next shows up at the Penguin's hideout just above his mayoral campaign office, curling up on his bed with her cat, stopping him from making any advances on her. She wants to help him destroy Batman, but decides that his plan to turn the Batmobile into "an H-bomb on wheels" would simply give him power as a martyr. To destroy Batman, she says, they will have to turn him into something he hates -- them. Penguin does not trust Catwoman enough to let her join him. She decides to take his pet bird and make it look like she swallowed it whole. Penguin decides to use a bladed umbrella on her pet cat, which causes her to let his bird fly away from her mouth and allows her cat to be free. With them both equally threatened by what each other would do, Penguin allows her to join as he sees a plan being formed.

A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonight

Bruce Wayne Burtonverse 006

Selina and Bruce

As Selina joins Bruce at his mansion trying to get to know him better while they watch the mayor of Gotham City attempt to relight the Christmas tree in the square, the Penguin kidnaps the Ice Princess and leaves evidence that makes it look like the Batman killed her. Upon hearing this, Selina and Bruce both tell Alfred why they had to depart before going their own separate ways. Batman finds the Ice Princess tied up in a chair, hidden in an abandoned building. Upon freeing her, he fights Catwoman again, who then grabs the Ice Princess and heads for the roof, saying, "Gotta run! Girl talk!" When he reaches the roof, Catwoman disappears and the Ice Princess is left alone standing on the ledge of the roof...until Penguin throws an umbrella that opens up and unleashes a cloud of bats that makes her fall onto the switch near the Christmas tree, unleashing bats caged up in the tree. Penguin disappears, and Batman is knocked down onto a ledge by police gunfire, where the Catwoman again gets frisky with him in the hopes of striking him with her claws. Batman knocks her off him and activates his Bat-Glider wings to fly down to his Batmobile.

As an horrified Catwoman continues to watch the pandemonium down in the streets with the bats scaring away the people gathered to watch the Christmas tree lighting, the Penguin appears to make a rather indecent proposal to her for a more intimate union. Shocked by Penguin killing the Ice Princess when he promised he would have only scared her, she tells him she does not even like him enough to scratch him. Offended by her response, Penguin uses one of his helicopter umbrellas to carry her away while its strap strangles her. Catwoman slashes her way out of the noose and falls this time landing in a greenhouse. With more of her costume shredded, she screams, causing the glass to shatter.

A Score to settle

Selina shows up again at the Maxquerade Ball that Max Shreck throws annually at his slightly-renovated department store, meeting with Bruce Wayne who attends for the hopes of seeing her again. Selina tells Bruce the real reason why she is at the party: she is hoping to kill Max Shreck. Bruce tries to reason with her not to do that, but soon she is distracted by the sight of mistletoe, and sighs: "They say mistletoe is dangerous if you eat it." Recognizing that as what he had said as Batman, Bruce responds with what she said as Catwoman: "But a kiss can be deadlier if you mean it." They both realize who each other really is, with Selina wondering what they would do. Before Bruce could respond, an explosion rips open the floor and Penguin appears in his duck craft, crashing the party so he could kidnap Max Shreck's son Chip. Max offers himself as the hostage in his son's place, saying he is the one the Penguin wants to see knee-deep in his own sewage. Penguin agrees and so brings Max Shreck his hiding place in the Old Gotham Zoo, keeping him caged and captive.

Selina's deadly kiss

Upon freeing himself while the Penguin was distracted with fighting Batman, Max Shreck finds himself tangling with Catwoman, who is out to kill him. Batman splits up the fight, knocking Max to the ground with his fist and telling him he is going to the police. Catwoman says the law does not apply to him or them. Batman bravely rips his mask off so Selina could see they are both in need of each other. She says she would want to live happily ever after with him, but she gives him a scratch in the face, saying she could not live with herself.

Max then realizes that the Catwoman is Selina as she rips her mask off, telling her that she is fired. He also fires a gun at Batman, wounding him. She then taunts Max to finish her off, which he obliges by firing two shots that wound her, but do not stop her. "Four...five...still alive!" He fires two more shots that nearly cripple her. Still she approaches. "Six...seven...all good girls go to heaven!" He tries to fire again, but he is out of bullets. She laughs, realizing she has two more lives left and decides to save one for next Christmas. "But in the meantime, how about a kiss, Santi-Claus?" she says as she takes out her electric stun gun and grabs a power line as she presses the gun toward his lips.

Bruce watches as both Selina and Max are consumed in the explosion of the power generator and debris falls upon them. When the explosion is over, Bruce sifts through the wreckage and finds Max's charred electrified body, but Selina's body mysteriously disappears. She is nowhere to be found.


As he rides back to Wayne Manor in his limousine, he sees Selina in an alley. He tells Alfred to stop and goes into the alley to look for her. He does not see her anywhere, but he does find her cat. Bruce takes her into his car and he and Alfred wish each other a merry Christmas.

And as the Bat-Signal shines in the sky once more, Catwoman stands on a rooftop and watches it.

Batman '89

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  • Nine Lives: Selina was able to somehow; avoid deadly situations alive and healthy; no matter how hard it was to survive.





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