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Selina Kyle was a shunned were-cat out for revenge.

Selina Kyle was a Taxi-Dancer in upstate Gotham City when she fell for a young man named Terry. Terry's father did not approve of their relationship, and offered her a few thousand dollars to leave him. When Selina refused, he and some of his friends beat her while Terry watched and dumped her in Bludhaven, where she met a Gypsy fortuneteller. The fortuneteller offered Selina a chance to take revenge. Little did Selina know, that in accepting the offer, the fortuneteller passed her curse of Therianthropy to Selina, and from that encounter forward, whenever there was a full moon, Selina turned into a cat-like creature, and killed those who wronged her.

One night in Gotham City, she came upon Bruce Wayne, whom she quickly fell in love with. Not long after their confessions of feelings to each other, did Selina announce to Bruce that she was leaving Gotham; which was a lie to keep him from seeing her transformation. He eventually tracked her down as she was about to transform and murder Terry, but he convinced her not to and they locked her in the abandoned Gotham Zoo for the night, while Bruce goes to the fortuneteller to find a cure. While he is gone, Selina escapes and reaches Terry's home, where she is shot by police, but is saved from further harm by Bruce, who later takes her curse of Lycanthropy onto himself.