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Catwoman (real name Selina Kyle) is a Gotham City socialite and thrill-seeking thief with a love for felines. Stealing both for the thrill and to help endangered animals, she worked with and against the Batman on several occasions.

Selina Kyle was a wealthy socialite with a love for wildlife. She had made arrangements to set up a mountain lion reserve outside Gotham, but Multigon Intrenational pulled the plug.[2] She donned her catsuit and found out that terrorist Red Claw was behind it; she needed the location to produce nerve gas. She teamed up with the Batman to stop her, but Batman arrested her for her previous crimes.[3]

Selina stood trial and was paroled on the condition that she would never don the Catwoman costume for criminal activities. Unfortunately, Selina was forced to act as Catwoman in order to recover her pet cat, Isis, from Roland Daggett and Doctor Milo, who used animals to transmit a deadly virus. Selina became infected with the virus and was saved by Batman, who exposed the whole plot and credited Catwoman as his main aid, clearing her name on the public eye.[4]

Afterwards, Selina was kidnapped by the rogue scientist Emile Dorian, who used her as a test subject and transformed into a cat-like creature. Selina was only able to return to her human form thanks to Batman and Dorian's own creation, Tygrus.[5]

Catwoman continued her life of jewel theft. She was drawn towards good for a brief period of time, but after a while she became disgusted with Batman's obsessive attitude and left in a similar fashion as his previous sidekicks.


Selina after she was forcefully transformed



  • Whip
  • Claws: Catwoman's gloves and boots contain special retractable claws which are formed of a strong steel which extend from and retract into her gloved fingertips and boots when she triggers pressure switches. They can shred a bullet-proof vest, punch through an aluminum frame car door, or dig into porous surfaces to climb.

  • Selina dyed her hair blonde for a few years, during the time period in which she first met the Batman.


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