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Selina Kyle was a burglar who encountered Batman.

After Batman was knocked unconscious by The Riddler and fell onto a balcony, Selina Kyle took him into the apartment and treated his wounds. As soon as he wakes up, Batman apologizes for crashing in. He flirts with her and pays up for any damage he caused. Since it was a broken vase, he tells her he'll send the flowers. He kept his word, but turns out not only she didn't live there, the place was robbed while the owner was gone.

Selina was later seen in a homemade costume stealing from criminals and wealthy citizens alike. She infiltrated a weapons deal at the Harvey Dent Homeless Shelter, stealing the money on-hand and destroying the weapons (and the building) with a grenade. Batman caught up with her on the roof and offered to pay her to supply him with information on the influx of weapons into Gotham City. She agreed but raised the price. Batman later introduced her to Croc and Alfred (and Bat-dog). She later participated in the war with "Harvey Dent's" gang, rescuing Batman from "Harvey". She was last seen in the Batcave with the rest of the Outsiders.



  • Though obviously meant to be the Earth-1 continuity's version of Selina Kyle, this character's civilian name was never given.



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