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Selina Kyle, the Cat-Woman, was an ally of Batman.

Shortly after an attack on Gotham by a horde of vampires, Selina Kyle was attacked on Gotham Bridge by Creach, one of the blood-suckers who still remained. Selina managed to outrun Creach for some time until Creach transformed into a massive wolf. Creach brought Selina to the ground, tore off her sleeves, and sank his teeth into Selina's exposed shoulder. Regardless of the beast's weight, Selina managed to kick away the creature. Unable to run much farther, Selina leaped off the bridge into Gotham Harbor. Creach failed to pursue, as vampires are unable to cross running water.

Selina later emerged from the harbor, her clothes ripped to shreds during the scuffle. Though left in just her drenched underwear and seriously injured, Selina managed to make it back to her apartment, where her numerous cats were waiting. She promptly passed out from until the full moon the next night; awakening her from the pain of transforming from the bite. However, as Creech was a wolf at the time, the bite worked differently. Selina would transform into a "were-cat" by night with enhanced speed, strength, and enhanced senses.

One night, Selina encountered Batman, who had been transformed into a vampire by the attack on Gotham. Selina believed the Batman to be Creach taking on another animal form. Selina attacked Batman, but was subdued by the vampiric Dark Knight. Selina urged Batman to kill her, but the two later realized that they were not enemies and had a common goal. Selina offered to assist Batman in hunting down the last of the vampires who were now being led by The Joker, however Batman turned down the offer. But, when Batman needed the selfless love of a woman to help hold back his vampiric thirst for blood, he sought Selina's help. Selina found Batman on a rooftop struggling with his bloodlust, and brought him back to her apartment. The two then agreed to join forces to fight The Joker and the vampires.

The two's first target was the estate of gangster Manny the Shark. The Shark had been killed and vampirized by the Joker's vampire henchmen, and the Shark's home had been fashioned into a secret base for the vampires. Selina and the Batman attacked the Shark's mansion, where they found a group of vampires feeding on two women. At this point, Selina snapped and killed all the vampires, with the exception of the Shark himself whom Batman had already killed at one of the gangster's clubs. By the time the battle was over, the two women were already drained of their blood, and infected by the vampires. Selina and Batman then pierced their hearts with wooden stakes, and severed their heads to ensure they would not return from the dead. With the vampires flushed from their base, Selina and Batman's next target was the Joker himself.

Batman and Selina eventually tracked the Joker, Creach and the last of the vampires to a small church on the outskirts of Gotham City that the Joker had fasioned into a hideout. There, Batman and Selina were ambushed by the vampires. Though outnumbered, Batman and Selina managed to kill all the vampires with the exception of Creach and a female vampire. Creach attempted to flee using his wolf-form, but was stopped by Selina who easily defeated him, and tore out his heart, killing the vampire. However, just as Batman killed the last vampire, the Joker fired a crossbow bolt at him, Selina only preventing it killing Batman by throwing herself into its path. Her last words were to assure Batman that the 'long night' they shared was good while it lasted.




Selina only possessed her superhuman abilities when in full view of the Moon; it is unclear if she would have been able to transform under any other moon, as she died before the nights of the full moon could pass.

  • Selina Kyle (Earth-43) was planned to appear as Nightmare Catwoman a playable character in the Infinite Crisis video game.



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