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Quote1 They stole the night from us, Leo. And there are no shadows left. Quote2
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Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a Gotham City expert thief who is trying to fight against the iron grasp of the Magistrate, to carry on the legacy of the Batman.

Train Heist

Catwoman and her team planned to divert a train of the Magistrate, holding several people that had to be "re-educated" in Whiteport Reformatory. Inside the train were also people part of a group called the Strays, citizens of Gotham living on the streets and associated with Selina, and among those strays, two boys were inside to help Selina get on the train. Catwoman launched herself on the train with a magnetic suit, adhering to the vehicle, and then entered from a door thanks to her two young infiltrates. Once inside, she freed the criminal Onomatopoeia to help her against the guards in the train, while proceeding with her plan. [1]





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