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Selina Kyle used to be an assassin and thief for the League of Assassins, before becoming the vigilante known as the Catwoman.

Selina Kyle was born in a poor area of Gotham City. A member of the League of Assassins became interested in recruiting her to his group and offered to her father to buy her. When Selina's father refused, the man murdered him and forcibly made her join the group. She soon became a master of the arts of combat and assassination through training, earning her the notice of the League's leader Ra's al Ghul, who soon made her the sparring partner of his daughter Talia.[1]

Selina became an assassin and thief for the League, but became hunted after she refused to kill a diplomat who had a young daughter. Returning to Gotham, she became a vigilante and helped in defending those who couldn't protect themselves.[1][2]

Battling the Two-Faced

While hunting for artifacts which the Monitor's enemy was seeking, the Harbinger came to Earth-19 to recruit Selina. She initially refused to help her, but she agreed once she explained to her about the Multiverse and how it was under threat.[3] She lent her abilities to her, which Harbinger acquired through her orb built from Monitor technology, placing Selina in a suspended animation until her abilities were given back.[4]

After encountering Batman of Earth-0 while trying to steal the Eternal Key from his universe, she brought him to Earth-19 and showed him the unconscious Selina and explained how she had Catwoman's abilities. Bruce agreed to give the artifact to the Harbinger, but the latter was soon killed by Two-Face of Earth-17. This allowed Selina to wake up and she told Batman that they needed to stop Two-Face from conquering Earth-48, which was her dying request. Seeing Batman as impressive however, she decided to summon other allies the Harbinger had recruited: Green Lantern of Earth-13; Wonder Woman of Earth-17; and Robin of Earth-43.[4]

The Green Lantern of Earth-13, Hal Jordan, however believed in Batman and introduced the other heroes to him. Selina then recognized that there was something special in Batman and tried to flirt him, causing him to become annoyed and demand the heroes to tell how they could find Two-Face. Wonder Woman, who was still unimpressed, told Batman that they could go after Two-Face using Harbinger's orb and tried to intimidate him by grabbing him by the throat. Batman however showed no fear and Diana agreed that with Selina that there was something special about him. After agreeing with Robin's plan to hunt Two-Face down, Batman had Selina take them to Earth-48. They were however struck by a strong gust soon after landing, and Lantern tried protecting Selina by building a fort. It however quickly fell and Batman realized the universe was being destroyed.[5]

Hal saved all his allies by encasing them in a bubble made from his Magic Lantern, and transported them into the Bleed. The Monitor Nix Uotan arrived in time to save them before Hal's energy was exhausted, and asked him to take the heroes to Earth-17 in order to distract Two-Face, while he prepared weapons to take him down.[6] Upon waking up however, Selina panicked at Hal agreeing to Monitor's request despite Two-Face's newfound power and criticized him. Batman told the heroes to stop bickering and stated they'll be going after him, no matter what. After being ambushed by wastelanders, Selina decided to flee, but was stopped in her tracks by Earth-17's Bane.[7]

Batman came to Catwoman's rescue, but soon found himself overpowered, causing Robin to join in. As the three struggled against him, Wonder Woman knocked him out. Hal meanwhile had dealt with all the wastelanders alone, with Batman later using a ruse to fool their enemies into thinking that they will be killed if they didn't do as they said. Bane and his Mutie Boys then agreed to take them to Two-Face's hideout in the Wayne Manor.[8]

As Two-Face tried killing Robin, Batman ordered the heroes to attack, but found himself outmatched due to the power Two-Face had absorbed. Selina stole the Eternal Key, while Two-Face was busty fighting others, and used the power she absorbed from it to take him down. Batman stopped her from killing him under the influence of the artifact, and handed it over to the Monitor when he arrived. The Monitor congratulated them and warned they'll face even greater odds in future while battling the crisis.[9]

Fight for Nil

Catwoman later arrived with her allies on Earth-13, after its heroes, Mecha Superman of Earth-44 and Justice League members from Earth-0 Zatanna, the Flash and Cyborg, had beaten back the mysterious foe who was assaulting the world.[10] The teams joined forces to plan against the crisis. Selina along with others agreed to go after their enemy, but they were soon interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious man, who she recognized as the Lex Luthor of her world.[11]

Lex tried to make the heroes believe the could trust him and asked Selina to vouch for him, but she stated that he was in actual a ruthless power-hungry industrialist. Despite his reluctance, Batman agreed to let him join them, as he was a master of technology, but asked the others to keep an eye on him. Lex helped them realize that their enemy was going to assault Nil, the Monitor's homeworld, and the heroes rushed to get there in time.[12] While his team battled Metallos of Earth-43 on Nil, Batman had a team consisting of Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Luthor, the Flash, and Supergirl of Earth-13, transported away from the battlefield to conduct reconnaissance.[13]

After discovering the Monitor's corpse, Wonder Woman decided to investigate the Axis Rower with Flash, leaving the others to keep a watch on anyone who might be approaching the location. Luthor however soon spotted an unnatural storm coming their way and guessed that their enemy was opening a portal. His supposition turned out to be correct, when the Brainiac of Earth-43 arrived to their location with his Metallos.[14] The three heroes struggled to fend them off, but Batman and his team soon came to their rescue. Batman ultimately decided to use the Monitor technology on Nil to help defeat Brainiac's forces and told the others except Lex to hold the Metallos.[15]

The Metallos soon surrounded Catwoman and Robin, but she used Harbinger's orb to destroy them before they could go in for the kill. Inside the Axis Tower, Batman learnt from the Monitor that he had been fooling his enemies and told Flash to get their world's Zatanna, so they could insulate the Eternal Key from outside access and activate Nil's defenses.[16] The plan succeeded and Brainiac's forces were defeated, while he himself was killed. The Monitor then sent everyone back to their universes to recruit more allies and keep a watch for any threats. Catwoman decided to spy on Lex, since she didn't trust him, finding he had stolen knowledge on magic and advanced technology from across the multiverse.[17]

The Earth Engine

After Wonder Woman of Earth-17 discovered a strange device on her world, she sent out a call to Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern and Robin for assistance.[18] Upon interrogating Killer Croc who had been guarding the device, they learnt that it was called "Earth Engine" and a bespectacled man with a strange accent had told him to guard it.[19] Selina suspected Lex, since she had seen the designs in his plans. This caused Batman and the newly-recruited Superman of Earth-0 to go after him.[2]

After the Hawkgirl of Earth-19 helped Batman an Superman defeat Luthor, who was using his advanced warsuit to fight them, Selina showed what she had found in Lex's plans. Lex however claimed he was innocent and stated that he was only building small suggestion devices, capable of influencing people's mindset. When Hawkgirl refused to believe the heroes about the multiverse and it being in crisis, Selina played the Monitor's message explaining it all. Lex showed them his plans and the heroes realized he was being truthful. Hawkgirl meanwhile agreed to join them. After Batman told Catwoman to tell their allies to come to Earth-19, she found that Green Lantern was not responding.[2]

After finding Hal and Mecha Superman on Earth-44, everyone arrived back on Earth-19 and discussed what to do next. Batman directed the heroes to split up in teams to look for the Earth Engines, while Catwoman and Mecha Superman were left on Earth-19 to keep an eye on Lex. As the bored Lex requested that he be allowed to examine the Earth Engine to distract him, Selina allowed it, but he soon found the same energy signature coming from his own lab's basement.[20] As the other heroes found Earth Engines on Earth-0 and Earth-43, they realized that some was trying to build a mind-controlled army to fight the Monitor. As they went to the basement of Lex's headquarters, they were told that the device would drive everyone mad and make them kill themselves if tampered with.[21]

The Monitor was summoned to Earth-19 by Wonder Woman and upon learning about the Earth Engine, decided to disable it despite Lex's warnings. This however created an energy wave which started overpowering everyone's mind. Hal surrounded the Earth Engine in a force field, but found it difficult to contain its power. The Monitor however had suffered the greatest effect and was driven mad.[22] Batman told Hal to surround the heroes in his force field instead, and the plan worked. The Monitor however kept attacking the heroes and they struggled to subdue him. Batman then told Catwoman to call every hero they knew, telling them to come to Earth-19 to assist them.[23]

Catwoman did as Batman asked and the other heroes soon showed up, with the magic users, Zatanna of Earth-0, Supergirl of Earth-13, and Zatanna of Earth-13 calming the Monitor down temporarily. The Monitor then had Superman of Earth-0 and Mecha Superman throw the Earth Engine into the Bleed.[24] As the Earth Engine was dealt with, Selina realized that Lex was missing, and Batman told everyone to look for him. She found Lex in a room, but was soon ambushed by Vandal Savage of her world. As she was overpowered, Robin showed up to save her, but found himself outmatched. Batman intervened, but Savage proved a capable fighter. Catwoman and Robin were driven hostile against Batman when Savage used the suggestion device.[25]

Hawkgirl barged in upon seeing her allies fight each other, and destroyed the suggestion device while fighting Vandal, resulting in Catwoman and Robin being freed from his control. After Savage was defeated by the heroes, Lex disabled all the Earth Engines and the Monitor arrived to imprison Savage on Nil, since he was too dangerous.[26]

Infinite Crisis

As the most powerful wave of Infinite Crisis struck, realities were torn asunder and cast adrift into the Bleed. This resulted in Gotham of Earth-19 and Gotham of Earth-0, which were adrift in the Bleed, to be merged together. During the attack by hostile drones on Earth-19's Gotham, Catwoman focused on saving herself first, before eventually joining other champions to fight back against the new threat endangering the multiverse.[1]



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