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Selina Kyle, once known as Catwoman, kept a collection of weapons and artifacts. She made a deal with Omega, actually her former lover Bruce Wayne, to alert him if the Court of Owls came to her.

After Omega took power, he spared his past lover Selina from the Anti-Life Equation. It is possible that Selina knew who Omega actually was. When the Court of Owls became resistance to his rule, he told Selina to alert him if they came to her. This is what kept them from attaining her supplies and thus suffer heavy losses.

When a clone of Bruce arrived, the Court believed that they could bargain with Selina. There, she initially led them to believe that she would rat them out, but then revealed she had no intention of doing so. As predicted, Selina was swayed upon seeing her lover's old face again, when he was noble and idealistic. She allowed the Court to get what they needed and even gave Wonder Woman her Lasso of Truth.[1]



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