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Quote1 I was abandoned in a dumpster near the corner of Kane and Finger. My parents wanted me to die in the cold. Easier for them. I didn't die. Instead I made the compromises you must make when you have nothing. I lived my life in those compromises. I became a cat. I met a bat. And now I'm the richest woman in the world. Quote2
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In a possible future, Selina Kyle married Bruce Wayne and had a daughter named Helena.

The Cat and the Clown

She broke into the home of Jimmy the Lion with the intent of stealing his lion necklace. The Joker arrived before her and murdered the criminal enforcer, but still gave her the necklace.[3] Knowing that Batman was looking into the murder and knew Joker was behind it. Selina went to Joker's hideout to admonish him for getting her involved and giving back the necklace.[4] Joker later found her during one of her heists and told her of his next scheme, giving her the dilemma of either letting people die or intervening and having to explain their friendship to Batman.[5]

Batman Catwoman Vol 1 9 Textless

Catwoman and The Joker have a complicated relationship.

Selina decided to tell Bruce, only for this to be a ploy to drive a wedge between the couple. When Batman demanded where The Joker was, Catwoman was insulted and left him.[6] Guilty, Selina started to heavily drink. After failing a robbery due to being drunk, she was found by Batman and dropped off at her apartment.[7] Days later, Selina spent the night with Joker decorating a Christmas tree Bruce had dropped off. After Joker left, Bruce arrived, telling her he was lost without her.[8]

Going back to Wayne Manor, the couple made up. Bruce revealed that he deduced that she was with The Joker, but accepted she wouldn't tell him his location.[2] Selina later met up with Joker and asked him if she was to blame for his actions. He told her she was and then took out a gun and asked for Batman's identity.[9] Catwoman acted in self defense, but came to the realization that The Joker was all an act.[10] After a brief fight, she decided to end their friendship.[11] She returned shortly to Joker's hideout with Batman, and the two apprehended the Clown Prince of Crime.[12]

Return of the Phantasm

Catwoman assisted Batman in finding Andrew Beaumont, the son of the Phantasm. They were too late; however, and found Andrew had been killed with Joker Venom.[3] Enraged, Andrea started hunting down Joker's henchmen hoping to find him. Joker activated the Bat-Signal and surrendered to Catwoman and Batman.[4] While Bruce was out, Phantasm broke into Wayne Manor and attacked Selina.[5] While their fight ended with both of them knocked out, Andrea woke up first and kidnapped Selina.[6] Convincing Selina to join her side, the two faked a prisoner exchange, knowing Batman wouldn't upheld his part of the bargain. Phantasm and Batman fought, until she implied she blamed him for her family's death. Letting his guard down, Selina took the opportunity to knock him out.[8]

Batman Catwoman Vol 1 3 Textless Jim Lee & Scott Williams Cover B Variant

Ambushed by Phantasm.

Selina and Andrea knew the truth, that Andrew was actually kidnapped by The Joker prior to the adoption. They decided to fake Phantasm's death, breaking into Arkham Asylum and freeing Clayface.[13] They then went to Joker's cell, where they faked being shocked, with Phantasm attacking Catwoman and escaping with Joker.[2] Bruce had figured out that Andrew was the lost son of the Covingtons so he and Selina went to their home. They found Joker and Phantasm, so Joker kicked a bomb he had smuggled in.[10] Only Catwoman and Joker weren't knocked out. The two fought and Selina almost killed him, only to be stopped by Bruce.[11] They then met up with a disguised Clayface, who tricked Batman into believing Andrea had committed suicide.[12]

Some of These Days

Not long after Andrea's death, still within the Christmas season, Selina and Bruce finally wed, with Selina taking his last name.[13] The Waynes eventually decided to have a child named Helena. They often took turns staying with her as the other went out crimefighting. At the age of eleven, they decided to train her as the next Robin and later Batwoman.[1] After many years of marriage, Selina became a widow after Bruce fell ill and died.[14]

Loose Ends

A few weeks after Bruce's death, Selina traveled to Port Orange, Florida and confronted The Joker. After informing him of Bruce's fate, she revealed there was now no one to stop her from killing her.[3] Joker tried to defend himself, but Selina overpowered him and sliced his throat with her fingernail.[4] Helena later accused her of the murder, but Selina dodged the accusation. After spending a night on the town together, Selina insisted she ask instead of demanding. Helena agreed and Selina confessed to killing The Joker.[8] Helena informed Dick and he went to arrested Selina.[2]

Selina Kyle Last Rites 0003

An elder Catwoman teams up with Batwoman.

She broke out of her cell and destroyed most of the evidence against her, only keeping Joker's glasses. Wanting to be caught,[13] Selina went to the Iceberg Lounge to ask The Penguin to smuggle her out of Gotham City. Instead, he called Batwoman.[10] Helena tried to arrest once more, but eventually decided to let her go.[11] Before she left town, she explained that destroyed the evidence and already had a plan to explain her leaving. She left Helena Joker's glasses, the only thing left to incriminate her, knowing she wouldn't turn it in.[13]

Returning home, Selina opened an orphanage where every child was given a cat. Walking through an alley, she was confronted by a mugger. Mocking his technique, he angrily shot and killed her.[1]



  • After Bruce's death, Selina inherited his fortune and assets.[5]
  • Selina might have been a follower of Christianity, as she raised her daughter Christian.[7]



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