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Quote1 Alright then, no one cages this kitty! Quote2
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Catwoman was a notorious cat-burglar.

She was approached by The Flash after stealing from the Gotham Museum. Though he defeated her in combat, she reclaims her purloined jewel after an intervention from Kano, and whilst she makes her escape, she gets pulled into a portal that teleports her to The Special Forces base in another universe. Here, she finds Sonya Blade, and requests to use the bases portal to return to Gotham. Sonya defeats her in battle however, and locks her away in a cell. She is eventually set free when Lex Luthor is also captured, and they aid each other in escaping. The two form an alliance, approaching both Deathstroke and The Joker and recruiting them for the battle against the invading warriors. With their help, she assists Batman and his allies in the battle against Dark Kahn.



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