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Selina Kyle is an embittered, protective, and sly cat burglar operating in Gotham City, and the uneasy ally and love interest of the Batman. She was instrumental in ending the Riddler's reign of terror, and taking down crime boss Carmine Falcone.


Selina Kyle The Batman Movie 001

Cat burglar Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle was born in 1997 to Maria Kyle and Carmine Falcone in Gotham City, New York. Her mother was murdered when she was seven, and she was never taken in by her father, leading her to become very enigmatic, bitter, and protective as an adult. She became a waitress at the Iceberg Lounge, her father's hangout place, also working as a cat burglar to protect those she cared about. Eventually, she met and developed a close relationship with Estonian prostitute Annika Kosolov, and she went at great lengths to protect her.[1]

Hunt for Annika

In 2021, Annika came to Selina, frantic and insistent she needed to leave the country, but that her last client, the recently murdered Mayor Mitchell, had stolen her passport. Selina donned her burglar attire and went to the mayor's mansion to get it back, but she ran into the quiet and wrathful vigilante Batman, who had followed her from the Iceberg Lounge earlier when she'd been serving the Penguin, Falcone's top lieutenant. She explained the situation, and the two went to her apartment with to talk with Annika, but the place had been torn apart and Annika was gone, along with Selina's cellphone. The Batman enlisted Selina's help in infiltrating the Lounge, learning about its patrons for part of his investigation into the serial killer called the Riddler, and she agreed so long as he helped her find Annika, beginning to see a protective anger in him similar to hers.

Wearing a special contact lens that recorded audio and video and transmitted it to Batman, Selina went inside the Lounge, looking for Annika and people of interest for the Batman, she came across Gil Colson, the city's district attorney, and discovered that he was on Falcone's payroll. She then tried to leave to find Annika, when she came across her father, confirming to the Batman that the two knew each other somehow. When he pressed her about it, however, Selina decided she was done with the infiltration and removed the contact lens, keeping it for later but leaving Batman by himself.

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Asking for Batman's help

Selina decided to steal the money she felt owed by her father, and so made her way to a shipment of drops run by the Penguin, which the Batman and his partner, Lieutenant Gordon, were investigating. While searching for the money, Selina found Annika's body in the trunk of off-duty cop William Kenzie's car. Enraged and heartbroken, she stole the money and drove off into the night. Selina contacted the Batman through the contact lens and earpiece he gave her and asked him to help her find and kill Kenzie, but Batman refused to drag himself down to the level of taking lives. Despite their differing ideologies, Selina saw the damaged, hurting man beneath the mask who felt great affection for her, and became rather fond of him, despite getting angry with him for refusing to help her.

Selina found Kenzie and abducted him, beating him up and finding her stolen cellphone on his person. She found on it a voicemail from Annika, which recorded the entire audio of her strangling by Falcone. A furious Selina took Kenzie to the Batman and Gordon, and played them the voicemail before she went to kill her father. After infiltrating the Iceberg Lounge and fighting with Falcone, Batman arrived to stop her, and convinced her she was better than her father, and killing him would bring her down to his level. Selina reluctantly relented and Batman attempted to arrest Falcone, but once they left the Lounge, Falcone was shot and killed by the Riddler from a distance.[1]

Saving the Mayor

The Riddler was located and arrested with the help of Selina's information and his killing spree ended, but before he was arrested, he planted seven car bombs along the city seawall which were detonated the night of the mayoral election returns, allowing the river to flood the city. Selina attempted to leave, but was forced into Gotham Square Garden with the other citizens as the flood waters continued rising. While she was there, a radical group of the Riddler's followers attempted to murder the new mayor, and seeing the Batman try to stop them, she went to help him, fighting alongside him and the police to take them down and save the mayor.

Bruce Wayne The Batman Movie 010

Selina and the Batman part ways

When all the Riddler's followers were down, Batman selflessly risked his life to save the people in the garden being threatened by the flood, all while Selina watched. By the next day, all of Gotham was underwater and martial law was put into effect. Despite admiring the Batman's heroism, and her changed attitude towards taking lives, Selina decided to leave the city for Bludhaven, believing Gotham is beyond saving and that Batman will die trying. She says her final farewell to the Batman and Gotham City before driving off to start a new life for herself, free of her father's influence and cruelty at last.[1]




  • Motorcycle


  • Handgun

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the film The Batman and is an adaptation of Catwoman (Selina Kyle). The original character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane and first appeared in Batman #1.
  • Selina Kyle is portrayed by Zoë Kravitz.
  • While Selina first appeared in the film The Batman, an image of her from the film was included in Before The Batman: An Original Movie Novel.
  • Selina is never referred to as "Catwoman" in the film, seeing how it's meant to act as her origin story, but promotional material refers to her as such. At one point, she refers to herself as "The Cat", in reference to herself as a cat burglar.
  • This is the first live-action version of Selina Kyle portrayed as bisexual, as well as the first portrayed as Carmine Falcone's (confirmed) daughter.
  • Selina grows her nails out very long to claw at her opponents.[1]


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