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The former cat-burglar Catwoman, Selina Kyle helped Batman overcome the deaths of his allies and became Batwoman.

Catwoman was in Arkham Asylum during the break-in orchestrated by technologically improved Joker. After she beat all the Gotham villains as part of the Joker's mocking taunts, he knocked her out with a blast of energy from his power gauntlets. Waking up several minutes later, she witnessed the battle between Batman and Joker and the subsequent deaths of Robin and Batgirl. Selina was able to break the Joker's concentration by attacking him from behind, allowing the grief-maddened Batman to break free. The Dark Knight subsequently beat the Joker to death and was able to take the unconscious Catwoman back to the Batcave, but after that he went in a catatonic state.

Selina moved into Wayne Manor, helping Alfred snap Batman out of his catatonia. Eventually, Bruce was able to overcome the traumatic consequences of Dick and Barbara's death and come to the aid of the JLA. Despite Batman's initial refusal, Selina took the new costume and alias, thus becoming "Batwoman". Bruce realised just how important for his life and sanity Selina is and they started a relationship, much to the delight of Alfred.

She almost died at the hands of mad Jimmy Olsen, but Batman managed to defend her with some aid from Green Lantern. In the wake of the tremendous battle between Kal-El and Olsen, Bruce resigned from the JLA and stayed as The Caped Crusader, the Protector of Gotham City only. As Lois Lane stated, "Still, with Catwoman at his side, perhaps his life is little less dark now".

One year later, Bruce and Selina remained as a crime-fighting duo and lovers, although the memories of Batgirl, Robin and laughing Joker kept torturing a sleepless Wayne. However, after a crisis involving a pan-dimensional entity broke down the barriers to the afterlife, Batman was able to move past his grief when Robin and Batgirl rescued him from Hell, and rejoined the JLA.



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