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Selina Kyle is a vigilante from Gotham City known as Catwoman, who has an interest in the Falcone Crime Family. She is also Bruce Wayne's girlfriend and one of the few people who knows that he's secretly Batman.

Early Life

Selina Kyle was the daughter of Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, the patriarch of the Falcone Crime Family. However, sometime after her birth, Selina was separated from the rest of her family. As an adult, Selina sought answers regarding her paternity. She adopted the vigilante persona of Catwoman and, due to her interest in the Falcones, frequently crossed paths with Bruce Wayne, the vigilante Batman. The two subsequently began a romantic relationship.

The Long Halloween

After the murder of Carmine Falcone's nephew Johnny Viti on Halloween, Batman noticed Catwoman lurking while he conversed with District Attorney Harvey Dent and GCPD Captain James Gordon. Batman gave chase, and Catwoman led him and Harvey to the warehouse where the Falcones were stockpiling their money. She gave Batman and Harvey a match before leaving, and the two burned the warehouse and money to the ground.

On Thanksgiving, Catwoman helped Batman fend off the San Ho Hui while he pursued Mickey Chen for attempting to assassinate Harvey on Carmine's behalf. Selina then went to Wayne Manor to have Thanksgiving dinner with Bruce and Alfred Pennyworth, though Bruce was late because he brought Solomon Grundy a plate of Thanksgiving dinner to thank him for helping capture Chen.

Selina and Bruce attended a New Year's Eve party aboard the Falcone yacht, where Selina pickpocketed attendees' watches. On the yacht deck, Selina expressed to Bruce that she felt their relationship was not working due to his responsibilities as Batman, and the two made the decision to amicably end it. Selina then encountered her brother Alberto Falcone and the two had a conversation. Alberto felt a connection to Selina and tried to kiss her, but Selina backed off. Batman interrupted them to accuse Alberto of responsibility for the Holiday killings, but the real Holiday arrived and shot Alberto to death while Selina watched in horror.

After the New Years' Eve killing, Carmine hired Poison Ivy to possess Bruce. Selina did not act until she felt Ivy was vulnerable, and on April Fools' Day broke into Wayne Manor and freed Bruce of her control. Bruce resumed his activities as Batman, but on Mother's Day, Catwoman discovered him lying in Park Row under the influence of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. As she carried him back to Wayne Manor, Bruce mistook Selina for his mother.

On the Fourth of July, Catwoman intervened when a hitman attempted to assassinate Harvey during Gotham's annual fireworks display. However, the hitman overpowered her and knocked her unconscious.

As Halloween approached, Catwoman rescued Batman after Carmine attempted to kill him at the Falcone penthouse. Bruce thanked Selina for rescuing him on Mother's Day and asked her why she was so obsessed with Carmine. Selina confessed that Carmine was her father and she simply wanted to know her mother's name, but was unsure if she had the courage to ask. Bruce and Selina kissed, but were interrupted by a riot instigated by the escaped rogues of Arkham Asylum, who were led by Harvey now using the alias Two-Face.

Two-Face and the rogues invaded the Falcone penthouse and prepared to execute Carmine, but Batman and Catwoman arrived and subdued them. However, they were unable to prevent Two-Face from shooting Falcone in the neck. Sofia Falcone entered the room, saw Selina carrying Two-Face's gun, and attacked her, only to fall to her death. Selina then revealed her face to Carmine, who recognized her as "Louisa" before dying.

After Two-Face was apprehended, Bruce and Selina resumed their relationship, and Selina moved into Wayne Manor.



  • Catwoman Costume


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Source and is an adaptation of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. The original character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane and first appeared in Batman #1.
  • Catwoman was voiced by the late Naya Rivera. This was Rivera's final performance due to her death of drowning on July 8th, 2020.
  • Although not verbally referenced, Carmine Falcone bears the facial scars he received from Catwoman in "Year One", indicating the events of that story transpired in this universe.



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