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Quote1 I want to go wherever I want to go, live however I want to live. After all, cats have nine lives. I've only just begun. Quote2
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Selina Kyle is a fifteen-year-old girl fleeing her abusive household, who takes on the identity of Catgirl.

Selina lives in Gotham City with her mother Gayle, and her mother's abusive boyfriend Dernell, who frequently physically abuses her. She is an old friend of Bruce Wayne, whom she hasn't spoken to in years. One day, Selina finds a kitten in a dumpster and takes it home, naming it Cinders and raising it in secret. However, it is soon discovered by Dernell, who inadvertently kills the kitten. After this incident, Selina leaves home, takes on the alias Catgirl and starts a life of crime on the streets of Gotham.


  • Acrobatics: Selina was taught parkour by a fellow thief named Ojo, and is noted to be considerably skilled after only one month of practice.