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Quote1.png This detonator will trigger the bomb. Thousands will be affected with the virus. The city will be torn apart. And out of the ashes, a dark hero will rise. You. Quote2.png
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The Sensei was the leader of the Court of Owls, who knew and respected Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne.

When the Court of Owls had them killed for threatening to reveal their organization, the Sensei responded by killing the specific member that had defied him.[1]

When Bruce Wayne was captured by the Court and brought to an unknown mountain temple, the Sensei wished to train Bruce to let go of his past trauma and forget the pain his parents' death caused him.[2] However, the Sensei's true intentions were to turn Bruce into an obedient soldier, similar to the Court's Talon operatives. With Bruce under his control, he intended to have Bruce set off a bomb at Gotham's Union Square, which contained a virus to cleanse the city. The Sensei was killed by Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth, but before he died he personally set off the bomb while Bruce hesitated. His dying words to Bruce were to seek the Demon's Head.[3]




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