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The Sentinels were a trio of superheroes, the flying Helio (Rick Strong); Mentalia (Cindy Carson), whose tiara gave her mental powers including telekinesis; and The Brute (Crunch Wilson), who had special 'power gloves' which gave him super strength.


They were given their powers by the scientist Dr. Kolotov, who died shortly afterward, and used them to battle the villainous Mind-Bender (John Linden) and his android, Titan. They were falsely accused of spying for Red China due to a misunderstanding, and clashed with Sarge Steel.


  • The Sentinels were a backup feature in Charlton's Thunderbolt series. They have yet to appear in the DC Universe, but shared continuity with Sarge Steel.
  • Roy Thomas helped his friend Gary Friedrich create the Sentinels, but could not receive credit because he was working for Marvel Comics at the time and they would not approve of him moonlighting at Charlton.[1]

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