Seresa is the sister of Sheriff Tommy and granddaughter of The Black Glider, the Maxi-hero who walked out on the Lindo family.

For a handsome salary, Seresa works as Minxy Minerva's assistant, entailing piloting, chauffeuring, among other duties. Despite the regular dangers of working for Ms. Minerva (frequent plane crashes being the most prevalent), Seresa continues with the job because she's paid $20,000 a week for her services. She is, in fact, a skilled driver and pilot herself and is well-versed in what the feasibility of aerodynamics. She cares deeply for her employer as well and has a more personal interest in the job than she lets on.

She and Ms. Minerva got into an aerial dogfight with Col. Cragg. Ms. Minerva was injured, yet their plane destroyed the mentally imbalanced Colonel. Seresa claims it was Ms. Minerva who took out the Colonel.

Derek Fury attacked Ms. Minerva, stabbing Seresa in the neck with a fork. She tried to call her sister, Tommy, with her cell phone, but the battery was dead.


Skilled driver and pilot.



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