Quote1 Now -- I'll be disassembling you in small bursts, so as not to overload the equipment. It's probably going to be exceedingly painful -- but don't worry about that -- I certainly won't! Quote2
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Doctor Serge Kroolman was a lead scientist on Apokolips, charged by its ruler, Darkseid with unlocking the secrets of the Anti-Life Equation.

Kroolman theorised that the answers to becoming a god lay in Heaven. He designed and build a machine that would be able to transport souls back and forth through the afterlife, all he needed was to pinpoint Heaven's location. He hypothesised that souls who had been to the afterlife and returned would know the path, even if only on a subconscious level. He developed a "spook-detector" and containment unit then put a bounty of one million credits on the known spirit, Deadman.

The bounty hunter Lobo accepted the job and delivered the ghost to Kroolman, who then offered him another job. He hired Lobo to kill himself, so the two souls would provide enough data to calculate the coordinates to Heaven. Kroolman took sadistic pleasure in the painful experiment but was interrupted by a parademon inadvertently summoning Lobo's Spazzfrag Spacehog.

With the escape of his lab rats, and his failure to produce results for Darkseid, Doctor Kroolman was ordered by his cold dictator to commit suicide immediately as punishment. [1]



  • Science: Kroolman was a lead scientific advisor to Darkseid.[1]
  • Mechanical Engineering: Kroolman was the leading name in advanced Apokoliptian psionc engineering. Among his inventions was a detector to locate spirits, as well as a device to contain them.[1]



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