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Quote1 When you can wield the impossible, ... you can create wonders. Quote2
Sergei Alexandrov src

Sergei Alexandrov is a world-renowned inventor, being considered a genius in his field.

Alexandrov was Bruce Wayne's teacher when the billionaire, age 21, sought to learn to make his own gadgets during his years of training to become Batman.[1]

Many years later, after Bruce Wayne became Batman, an established vigilante in Gotham City with a team of heroes of his own, a mysterious benefactor started a yearlong conspiracy against Batman and Gotham. One of the plans to wear Batman down included releasing nanobots based on Alexandrov's technology in Gotham. Red Robin and Harper Row tracked down Alexandrov in Japan to find answers, but Alexandrov did not have any idea who stole his technology.


  • Alexandrov has a pet cyborg-monkey named Maxwell.[2]