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Serpent is a name used by several characters in the DC Universe.

The Great Serpent was an alias used by Lucifer Morningstar to tempts Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge on Garden of Eden. Eve eventully ate the fruit, and gave some to Adam who also ate. God learns of their transgression and banished them from the garden. Lucifer Morningstar is a character in Christian mythology originally adapted to the comics by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth in Sandman  (Volume 2) #4 (1989).

Shadowy Mister Evans also claimed to be the original Serpent, the tempter who fell Adam and Eve with promises of forbidden knowledge.

Several characteres also use the name Serpent, like; Feathered Serpent, Black Serpent, Lord of Serpents, Serpentina, Serpentine, and Serpenteen.

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