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Red Inferno is the younger brother of Red Tornado.

T.O. Morrow decided to build more androids like Red Tornado, he later built three more androids, each with the power to control the classical elements Earth, Fire and Water just as Red Tornado controlled the Wind. T.O. Morrow then deactivated his creations as he did with Red Torpedo and then placed them in human society until he needed them.

The androids' programming followed too closely to the original, and each of them began to develop their own personalities and independent thoughts. Red Inferno was given the alias "Seth Aiden," and appeared to be a normal orphan teenager living in a foster home. Seth Aiden believed his parents had died when he was very young. Seth lived a normal life until he began high school, where he was bullied regularly. Seth had a fear of water which came to light to the bullies during swim class.

One such swim class the bullies held his head under water which triggered his programming by forcing the fight or flight reaction which made him burst into flames. His body changed to resemble Red Tornado. Aiden then flew out of the school to try to control his newfound powers. Unknown to Aiden, Traya Sutton, the adopted daughter of the Red Tornado also attended the school, she rushed home to contact her father.

Seth traveled home where he met his brother Red Volcano. Red Volcano flew Red Inferno into the upper atmosphere, telling him that his parents were killed by the government. Red Inferno took it out on a nearby satellite, in his plan to destroy and humiliate his brother Red Tornado.




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