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Seth was an enemy of the Authority.

Tired of the Authority's interference into their affairs and afraid of their influence on the world (particularly after the Doctor ruined two presidential candidates by causing them to make out in public), a coalition of interests decided to develop a living weapon capable of defeating the Authority. To this end, they either acquired or kidnapped Seth, an skinny, ignorant and unambitious hillbilly with an apparent history of being sexually abused by his uncles, transformed him into a cybernetically-enhanced monstrosity, then set him loose inside the Carrier. Armed with over 1,000 post-human abilities, Seth very quickly neutralized all of the Authority, with the sole exception of the Midnighter and Jenny Quantum, who managed to steal a jet and crash it into the side of the Carrier. Despite this, Seth ripped the Carrier from its orbit and scuttled it in Antarctica. Convinced that Midnighter and Quantum were dead, the coalition allowed Seth to retire to a residence within the White House with a harem of prepubescent girls. The surviving Authority members, meanwhile, were all dumped into degrading new lives while the team was replaced by a new time approved by the seven richest governments on Earth. Unbeknownst to all at the time, Seth's scuttling of the Carrier tore a hole in the Bleed.

Some time later, the new G-7 Authority discovered that Midnighter had survived and had made his way aboard the ship. After stealing some of the stars from the Carrier's "caged baby universe" power source, Midnighter revived Apollo and together they systematically killed the replacement team. Seth was thus re-summoned and turned loose once more, but though he managed to nearly kill the Midnighter and cripple the team anew, Jenny Quantum deactivated his enhancements. He was subsequently transformed into seven chickens and then dumped back on his uncles' farm as they lustfully look at the hens. His fate is unrevealed, but it is presumed to be unpleasant.


Seth posessed 2,012 different post-human abilities.[1] Most of these are unrevealed, but some have been named:

  • Nuclear poop-vision – ability to project irradiated feces from his visor
  • Radiotelepathic manipulation – ability to impersonate the radiotelepathic signatures of members of the Authority or to jam all radiotelepathy in an undefined area
  • Larynx-freezing vision – ability to freeze the larynx of others, thus preventing them from speaking
  • Liquid-machinery extraction – ability to pull liquid machinery out of the Engineer's body (whether this ability would also have worked on Machine is unrevealed)
  • Speed-squared – presumably exponentially-superhuman speed
  • Shame vision – presumably an ability to trigger shame in his targets
  • Rainbow breath – presumably the ability to breathe out rainbow beams from his mouth
  • Razor breath – ability to spew out razor blades from his mouth
  • X-ray strength – named but unexplained
  • Flight
  • Telepathy


Seth's powers could be deactivated by the phrase, "Welcome to the Oval Office, President Gore."

  • Seth was named for all eight of his uncles, because they all gang-raped his mother on the night he was conceived.



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