The Seven are a mystic cult that watches for the dangers which threaten the Earth, from their hidden citadel in India.


Zator, an emissary from the Seven, rescued two infants from a demonic ritual, and the Seven raised them, teaching them the mystical ways. These two children became Doctor Occult and Rose Psychic.

About 20 years before Kal-El came to Earth, the Seven watched his rocket departing from Krypton.[1]

In their first appearance, The Seven materialized as a group of aged men.[2] In a later appearance, two of the Seven appear to be female,[3] and one appears as a large, bald, bearded, caped, green-skinned, green-haired man.[4]


  • The Seven's emissary Zator actually appeared in The Comics Magazine #1, published by Centaur Publications, some months before his appearance in More Fun Comics. The feature in which he appeared, "Dr. Mystic: The Occult Detective", was essentially Doctor Occult under a different name, by the same creators, and in fact the plot of Doctor Occult's feature in More Fun Comics #14 picks up directly where "Doctor Mystic" leaves off.

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