The Seven Scribes of the Cloudy Satchel where seven Taoist sorcerers that ran a Wushu school in Song Shan at least in the 18th century. Their reputation was so great that even the Grandmaster of the Phoenix Eye Fist Bak Mei hesitated to confront them.


One day, a soldier serving under Bak Mei threw himself at their mercy. He claimed poverty compelled him to join the Emperor's army and was forced to take part in the destruction of the Shaolin. He begged to be trained by them and no longer be a victim of the war. The sorcerers saw through his lies, making him aware he had chosen his path freely and was soley responsible for everything he had done. They judged him mercilessly and arrived to a proper punishment.

The soldier got his wish. Seven life times of training of the Schools of the Cloudy Satchel Wushu was magically implanted in him, but with a price: six other personalities were imprinted in his mind, making it nigh impossible to have a free will. When all personalities are have the same goal, it was possible to split up into seven different beings, each baring the knowledge of a lifetime training in one of the seven schools of the Cloudy Satchel. Three hundred years have passed, and till this day the soldier is known as the Seven Deadly Brothers.


The Seven Scribes of the Cloudy Satchel could be immortals.

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