"Zor!": Following their escape from Neh-Buh-Loh, Zatanna, Misty and Vanguard venture to Slaughter Swamp in search of the [[Time Tailors (New Earth)|

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Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #4 is an issue of the series Seven Soldiers: Zatanna (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2005. It was published on November 23, 2005.

Synopsis for "Zor!"

Following their escape from Neh-Buh-Loh, Zatanna, Misty and Vanguard venture to Slaughter Swamp in search of the "Seven Unknown Men".

Vanguard tells the two of a city in the east named "Gorias", where they can make their last stand. While Zatanna confronts the Seven, Misty and Vanguard will travel to Tibet.

Once they leave, the Gold House is lit up with electricity. The figure of a man with a top hat appears in the doorway, which Zatanna believes is her father. However, her father died saving the world, and this man reveals himself as "Zor!".

Zor incapacitates Zatanna, telling her that he was the one who appeared in Cassandra Craft's store, tricking her into coming to Slaughter Swamp.

He taunts her, picturing a world where Zatanna had grown under his sadistic tutelage. Zatanna breaks free from Zor's control, and the two face off in the magical plane. She releases Gwydion, ordering him to match Zor's attacks.

The two battle it out, with Zor gaining the upper hand, disabling Gwydion. As he ravages the battlefield, Zatanna jumps through time, pulling the whole "magical universe down around him". She weakens Zor, while the magical feedback send the two tumbling.

Voices emerge from the Shack, and Zatanna attempts to make it before Zor recovers. She reaches out and asks for their help. Zatanna realizes why she couldn't find the Seven Unknown Men; because "they were here all along."

The Seven reveal themselves to her, thanking her for subduing the renegade: Zor. The men explain that they are a secret order of angels, Time Tailors, who work to keep the fabric of reality fresh and vibrant. However, Zor betrayed the group, and introduced a deadly plague into reality.

As a reward for Zor's capture, the Tailors allow Zatanna access to anything in their extensive records. Zatanna searches for her father's books, and the men tell her to ask him herself. Zatara appears, and tells her that her wrote his books in her; she was his greatest spell, his greatest gift to the world. Zatanna leaves the swamp, as the Tailors prepare to operate on Zor.

Zatanna recalls this story to Etta Candy, and walks the streets believing that she "needs a new adventure".

Suddenly, Misty appears on Vanguard with an army of Pegasi, declaring that her Step-mother is about to invade the Earth.

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  • After arriving in Slaughter Swamp, Misty notices "black flowers" growing in the marsh. She mentions that one day the flowers will cover the whole Earth, and that it must have started in the Swamp. Zor brings this up again, stating that "each black flower is a guilty secret."
  • Gwydion refers to himself as the "Merlin" of "living language", one of Seven Treasures created in the "workshop of the gods".
  • Zatanna called Zor omnipotent when she had him down.

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