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The Seven Soldiers of Victory (also known as the Law's Legionnaires) was a super-hero team, active during the 1940's.


Its members were the Vigilante, the Crimson Avenger, Green Arrow and Speedy, the Shining Knight, and the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy. They were assisted by Billy Gunn (associate of Vigilante), Wing How (the Crimson Avenger's sidekick) and Winged Victory (Shining Knight's flying horse).

The Seven Soldiers of Victory debuted in 1941, and were active until at least 1945. They faced several notable villains including Black Star, the Iron Hand, the Dummy (enemy of the Vigilante), and Dr. Doome, one of several villains the team faced who had a time machine. The team's members were active after this point, though mostly with the All-Star Squadron.

The team was next mentioned in the seventies. During the celebration of the 100th meeting of the Justice League of America, the League was summoned to Earth-Two by the Justice Society of America, where a giant ethereal hand controlled by the Iron Hand threatened to destroy their world. The only way to stop the hand was to find the legendary Seven Soldiers of Victory, who defeated a similar menace in the form of the Nebula Man many years previously, though at the seeming cost of their existences, since no one could remember who they were. An unearthly Oracle revealed to the JLA and the JSA that the Seven Soldiers had been scattered through time, and the multitude of heroes were sent back to find them.

Doctor Fate, the Atom and Elongated Man found the Crimson Avenger in Mexico, where he had amnesia and believed he was the Aztec Sun God. Superman, Sandman and Metamorpho rescued the Shining Knight from the hordes of Genghis Khan. Hawkman, Doctor Mid-Nite, and the Golden Age Wonder Woman found the Golden Age Green Arrow in medieval England, where he had been mistaken for Robin Hood. Batman, Hourman and Starman retrieved Stripesy from ancient Egypt. The Silver Age Green Arrow, Black Canary and Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt saved the Vigilante from a tribe of Indians in the Old West. Aquaman, Wildcat and the Silver Age Green Lantern rescued the Star-Spangled Kid, who was 50,000 years in the past. Zatanna, the Silver Age Flash and Red Tornado freed Speedy (and themselves) from the clutches of Circe in ancient Greece. The Golden Age Green Lantern, Mister Terrific and the Golden Age Robin went on a quest to discover the identity of the Unknown Soldier of Victory, whose tomb lay in the mountains of Tibet, where the Seven Soldiers had fallen after defeating the Nebula Man.

The Seven Soldiers were reunited and created a new Nebula Rod to deal with the giant hand that the Iron Hand devised. Unfortunately, whoever used the Nebula Rod to destroy the Hand was certain to perish, as did the Crimson Avenger's partner Wing, revealed to be the Unknown Soldier of Victory, when the Nebula Man was stopped. While the heroes argued over who would sacrifice themselves, the android Red Tornado took the Nebula Rod and destroyed the Hand, apparently destroying himself in the process.

After this, the Seven Soldiers of Victory apparently disbanded. The only other modern meeting of the team took place when the Vigilante, the Shining Knight, Green Arrow, Speedy and the Star-Spangled Kid gathered at the grave of Lee Travis, the man known as the Crimson Avenger. It had taken two years for the team to confirm his death, having died saving Gotham City from a boatload of explosives. Shortly afterwards, Earth-Two ceased to exist following the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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