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Their 1940s line-up consisted of (at different times) the Crimson Avenger, the Star-Spangled Kid and his bodyguard Stripesy, Vigilante, Stuff, the Chinatown Kid, the Shining Knight, TNT and his sidekick Dyna-Mite, and the Spider. They were assisted by Wing (the Crimson Avenger's young ward), the Squire (Shining Knight's sidekick) and Winged Victory (Shining Knight's horse).

The team was active in the United States during the Second World War, fighting villains like Black Star, the Iron Hand, the Dummy, and the time-traveling Doctor Doome. While fighting Doctor Doome they were inadvertently transported forward in time, where they were briefly captured by the Appellaxians in their attempted invasion of the Earth—an event which led to the founding of the Justice League of America.

In October 1948, the Iron Hand attacked the world with his Nebula Man and demanded tribute. The Seven Soldiers of Victory charged into battle and vanished, apparently killed.

However, decades later the Justice League and the Justice Society of America teamed up to deal with the return of the Iron Hand, and it was revealed that the cosmic powers of the Nebula Man had scattered the heroes in the past. Splitting up to catch them, the Justice League and the Justice Society helped the Seven Soldiers return to the present and save the day.

Now living out of time, the various members of the team have gone their separate ways. The Crimson Avenger never recovered from the death of his young ward Wing, and was killed saving a city from a bomb. The Shining Knight spent decades trawling the time-stream for Swamp Thing after he went missing, after which he retired to ancient Camelot. The Star-Spangled Kid joined the Justice Society and was eventually killed by Solomon Grundy. Stripesy is currently active with the Justice Society as STRIPE. The Vigilante attempted to formed a new Seven Soldiers but was believed killed by the Sheeda.



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