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Quote1 Hmm. One of my son's developed traits would seem to be tardiness. Quote2
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Seyg-El was a noble Lord of the House of El, one of the most respected families on all of the planet, Krypton.

The Master of the Gestation Chambers selected Seyg-El from the Register of Citizens to mate with a woman of compatible genetic lineage. Together they sired a son whom Seyg-El named, Jor-El.

Seyg-El's relationship with Jor-El lacked any true familial passion, and he regarded his son as an embarrassing maverick - ignorant of proper Kryptonian traditions. However, Jor-El was well schooled in all manner of Kryptonian heritage, specifically history.

By the time Jor-El was fifteen-years-old, a wave of deadly radiation commonly referred to as the Green Plague began claiming thousands of Kryptonian lives. One of its victims was a respected man named Zon-Em. With the death of Zon-Em, his chosen mate, Lara, was left without a suitable partner to whom she could father a child. The Master of the Gestation Chamber selected Jor-El's name from the Register of Citizens and approached Seyg-El with the proposition. Seyg-El realized that his son had not yet participated in the Kryptonian rite of passage into adulthood, but felt it prudent to inform him of the great opportunity the Lords had bestowed upon him.

Jor-El was indeed honored for the chance to continue the family line, but brought his father great embarrassment when he requested to actually meet the woman with whom he would procreate. Seyg-El considered such an appeal extremely unorthodox by the sterile traditions of Kryptonian culture, and subsequently flew into a rage. However, the Master of the Gestation Chambers granted the request, and Jor-El soon married the young librarian, Lara.

A few short years later, the after-effects of the Green Plague worsened. Krypton's core grew unstable and produced a chain reaction of seismic catastrophes that ultimately destroyed the planet. Seyg-El and millions of other Kryptonians died in the explosion.


No known powers. If Seyg-El lived on a world that revolved around a yellow sun, he would have possessed physical attributes similar to that of Superman.


As a Kryptonian, Seyg-El suffered from a genetic defect, which bound him to the planet Krypton. Were Seyg-El ever to attempt to leave the planet, he would lapse into a seizure and ultimately die.


  • Clothing: Seyg-El wore a bio-support suit, which provided his body with a steady supply of nutrients and greatly slowed the aging process.
  • Robots: Seyg-El owned several robotic servants including the genetics drones known as Kelex and Kelor


Seyg-El owned a one-man personal hovercraft.

  • In light of the many revisions attributed to Superman's origin as a result of the Superman: Birthright limited series, this character was no longer considered part of modern continuity. However, since Birthright itself has seemingly been retconned out of continuity, this character's current status is unknown.