Quote1 The way Robert spoke of you--you sounded like such a wayward kid. He would be so proud to see what you've become. Quote2
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Shado is the mother of Emiko Queen, the half-sister of Green Arrow (Oliver Queen).

The Death and Life of Oliver Queen

When Oliver was driving home on his motorbike, Shado, on orders of Cyrus Broderick attacked. She shot him with multiple arrows, but he managed to get home. There, Oliver beat Shado in a fight when suddenly Emiko Queen appeared, shooting an arrow into Oliver's back telling Shado that she had been waiting a long time for her to show up.

Together they got onto a boat, took Oliver's body with them, and drove out from the bay of Seattle onto the ocean. When in the middle of nowhere, they threw Oliver's body over the rail down into the ocean. They then traveled to the base of the Ninth Circle, the Inferno, where Shado introduced Emi to their masters.

A few weeks later, Oliver turned out to still be alive, and Shado engaged him in a duel inside the Queen Industries building where Oliver managed to escape through a window. The chase continued through the streets where she once again beat him and left him to the police.

Later at the Inferno, Shado and Emi were supposed to kill Dinah Drake-Lance but instead Emi turned on Shado, helping free Dinah, and revealing that she had been working against her mother the entire time. After Emi, Dinah and Oliver had teamed up to escape, Shado took Emi as hostage, holding an arrow to her daughters throat. She knocked Emi unconscious and brought her to a helicopter, leaving the base while it exploded.



  • Bow and Arrow

  • A woman matching Shado's description appears in Secret Origins (Volume 3) #3 participating in the training of Kate Kane (specifically, by firing arrows at her), but whether it is actually her is unknown.
  • According to Emiko, when she kills someone, she gets a manicure.[1]



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