The Shadow Cabinet is a centuries-old secret order of superheroes dedicated to protecting humanity at all costs. Led by the precognitive Dharma, they attempt to neutralize potential threats to the world while they are still relatively small and manageable. Their methods are controversial and often underhanded. Although many more traditional mainstream heroes often team up with the Shadow Cabinet, they also frequently come into conflict with others on both sides of the law. They operate on an international basis, and their full agenda is only known to their leader at any given time. They first revealed themselves to the contemporary heroes of the world during the Shadow War, when there was a sudden mass recruitment drive to help combat a faction that had seceded from the Cabinet, the Star Chamber.



  • Shadow Disk, standard disk-shaped communicator used by all Shadow Cabinet operatives.


  • Shadowslide: The teleportation device through which operatives enter the Shadowspire. Shadowsliding is only possible in complete darkness, or else the device overloads and cannot be used for over an hour.[1]

Weapons: None known.



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