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"Pentacle": The Present:

Quote1.png First they dress me up in a "tactical action" suit with no pockets to hold my smokes, now we split up. Lousy decisions all around. Quote2.png
Detective Chimp

Shadowpact #2 is an issue of the series Shadowpact (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2006. It was published on June 21, 2006.

Synopsis for "Pentacle"

The Present:
The Phantom Stranger consults with Witchfire and Rex, the Wonder Dog. Unable to pierce the barrier that has surrounded the town of Riverrock, the Stranger has called upon the aid of others to help him guard it.

One Year Ago:
Nightshade finds the Pentacle member known as Sister Witch, and the two begin fighting one another, each one creating various umbral-projections for combat. Both appear to be evenly matched as shadow-dragon squares off against shadow-genie.

Strega and Jack of Fire meet up at the center of town to begin construction of the Murder Hole. This is the location where their great human sacrifice is scheduled to take place. While she continues to coordinate the mass culling, she instructs Jack to hunt down the other members of the Shadowpact and bring them to heel.

Meanwhile, Bagman comes upon Ragman and recognizes him as his own counterpart within the Shadowpact. Before Ragman can make a move, Bagman extends his form around him, swallowing him inside of his massive, translucent stomach.

Nightmaster pits his Nightsword against the White Rabbit, but the Pentacle member proves to be the better swordsman. The White Rabbit nicks Nightmaster's chin with his mystical blade, producing a magic effect forcing Nightmaster to fall asleep.

Jack of Fire eventually finds Blue Devil and pounces on him. Claiming to be his brother, he accuses Blue Devil of sacrificing his entire family to Hell for the deal he made with Neron.

Karnevil meanwhile, captures Detective Chimp and ties him to a wooden stake. With an array of broken instruments at his disposal, he prepares to mercilessly torture him.

The Enchantress comes upon the Murder Hole to face Strega, but Strega's magic proves too powerful for her. She transforms the Enchantress into a hideous mockery of her true self.

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