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"The Wild Hunt": Doctor Gotham commands Strega to keep throwing assets at Shadowpact in order to distract them while he plots to conquer Earth.

Shadowpact #6 is an issue of the series Shadowpact (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2006. It was published on October 18, 2006.

Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt"

Doctor Gotham commands Strega to keep throwing assets at Shadowpact in order to distract them while he plots to conquer Earth.

Enchantress arrives in Gotham City to help Ragman deal with the recently-captured Blue Moon. She uses magi to bind her, allowing the Police to take her away, and specifying that she'll need a cell with no moonlight. While dealing with the Police- and the Press- the Wild Huntsman and his hounds appear in a blast of smoke. Enchantress and Ragman fight, and though incapacitating several hounds and setting off a distress signal, Enchantress is taken out by the Huntsman.

In the Oblivion Bar, Eddie Deacon is clearing up, refusing to let Detective Chimp smoke. Nightmaster comes in and asks for his bar back. Deacon refuses.

Meanwhile, Ragman and the Huntsman are fighting. After a time, Ragman cannot spread the damage he takes among the captured souls quickly enough, and is knocked out.

Meanwhile, Deacon tells Nightmaster his life story: sold to a circus as a child, he was rescued from his criminal ringmaster by Batman and decided to become a superhero. He went for magic, and ended up in Greenwich Village, with Madame Xanadu. She put him in touch with other magicians, and he spent nine years learning telekinesis. He was unable to get a regular job, so when Shadowpact were presumed dead, he took over Oblivion. Nightmaster threatens to take his bar back; Deacon threatens to close off his windpipe. They agree to talk about a deal for Shadowpact to use some of the spare rooms.

In Gotham, the Huntsman puts hellhound collars on Enchantress and Ragman, transforming then into hellhounds. At that moment, Nightshade and Blue Devil arrive. Nightshade conjures a shadow monster to deal with the hounds, and Blue Devil takes on the Huntsman. The ex-Enchantress and Ragman hounds bark, but don't attack. Blue Devil summons his trident and sends the Huntsman to Hell, sending the dogs fleeing, except Enchantress and Ragman, who wait for their teammates to come to them. As they are sitting next to their own discarded costumes, Blue Devil guesses they've eaten his teammates.

In the Oblivion, Nightmaster explains to D.C. that Deacon's letting them stay for a few days, until they work out a compromise. He also says that he thinks they should start training to better use their skills. Then Nightshade and Blue Devil arrive with the hellhounds.

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