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"The Demon Triptych, Part One: Three Laws Safe": Phantom Stranger recounts the story of Jason Blood and the demon that he's been stuck with since the times of Camelot, Etrigan. In Metropolis,

Shadowpact #9 is an issue of the series Shadowpact (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Demon Triptych, Part One: Three Laws Safe"

Phantom Stranger recounts the story of Jason Blood and the demon that he's been stuck with since the times of Camelot, Etrigan. In Metropolis, Shadowpact calls a press conference, and Detective Chimp explains to the press why they exist as a superhero team; they're there to protect the world from magical threats.

In Budapest, Jason Blood, and two archaeologists, Akos and Carla, explore a recently discovered cavern system under the Church of Mary Beatified. An old man walks in on them, and they tell him that the cavern has been restricted by the church. The man says that he killed everyone in the church to get down here, and Jason has an outburst, asking what the man wants. The man says that he and Jason have some business to attend to, and he blasts Akos and Carla with electricity from his boy, killing them. In Metropolis, Detective Chimp explains the the Shadowpact is planning on following more traditional law enforcement protocol. In the cavern, The man has Jason trapped in a bubble, and he explains that he needs to speak to Etrigan. He recites the release poem, and Jason becomes Etrigan. Etrigan recognizes his brother, Vortigar in the human disguise of the man. Vortigar explains that Etrigan is a rhyming demon, but since he hasn't been rhyming for some reason, so he is being promoted one level out of rhyming, which is a lower rank. If he wants his demotion back, he'll have to earn it. Meanwhile, he's going to help Vortigar find a suitable candidate for Etrigan's position as a rhymer.

Shadow pact leaves their press conference, and Ragman notices that Blue Devil has been rhyming. Rory points it out to him, but he claims that he hasn't been doing it. Nightshade teleports them out of there before they make a bigger scene, but the team ends up in Budapest.Nightshade tries to understand how here teleport could've misfired, but Enchantress assures her that she thinks that they were drawn here somehow. She senses demonic magic emanating from a nearby church, and they go inside. Ragman sees Blue Devil rhyme again, and Enchantress notices that Blue Devil is able to set foot inside the church without being physically distressed. Detective Chimp finds a pile od dead bodies, and Nightmaster concludes that the bodies are still fresh, and that whatever killed them is probably still there.

Etrigan drops from the ceiling, landing on Nightshade and Detective Chimp, and he knocks Nightmaster away, who exclaims that they're not ready to fight Etrigan yet. The demon easily defeats Chimp and Nightshade, and attacks the others. Etrigan and Enchantress begin fighting, and Nightmaster stabs Etrigan in the shoulder. He knocks Nightmaster and Ragman back, and removes the sword from his arm, throwing it at Nightmaster. The sword hits him in the stomach, and Nightmaster passes out, falling to the floor. Ragman tends to Detective Chimp and Enchantress tends to Nightmaster, and the now fully rhyming Blue Devil decides to enter the fray. He charges Etrigan, and the two begin duking it out, pounding each other with thunderous blows.

As the two demons brutalize each other, vortigar delightedly watches from afar. As they fight, Etrigan concludes that if Blue Devil is the new rhymer, then Hell must be in dire straights. They insult each other as they fight, and Etrigan blasts him with hellfire, burning his shirt off. Blue Devil summons his trident, and attacks the demon again. Etrigan swiftly dodges the weapon, and delivers a hard kick to Blue Devi's stomach. He picks up Blue Devil's trident, and announces that, with it, he can overtake and rule Hell, and claim the Crown of Horns for his own, and only then will he accept Blue Devil's challenge again. He teleports away with the trident, and Blue Devil realizes that he couldn't stop rhyming as long as Etrigan was there. The team regroups, with Nightmaster barely alive. Ragman says that he couldn't join the fight, because the captured souls in his suit were too scared of Etrigan. Detective Chimp tries to lift everyones' spirits, saying that they'll car for their wounded, and come back from this.

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  • Akos (Only appearance; dies)
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