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Shadowspire was an organization lead by Baron Reiter, mainly responsible for the drug called Slam, which is made in the fields of Lian Yu through the aid of slave workers.


A.R.G.U.S. sent Oliver Queen to the island to infiltrate the ranks of Shadowspire and free the slaves.[1] Reiter let Oliver join, and Oliver tries to quickly gain trust by bringing his torture skills to play and appealing to mercenary leader Conklin. Conklin did not really trust Oliver however, and after Oliver was supposed to bring a slave girl out into the island and make her disappear, Oliver returned without the guard accompanying him, prompting Conklin to ask to see the body. Oliver was able to make the slave girl play dead, and Conklin believed him, but soon after stumbled onto the A.R.G.U.S. gear Oliver used to communicate.[2] Conklin returns with this new information to Reiter, however Reiter doesn't believe him.[3]

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